Perry LaHaie Talks About His Work With Muslims, His New Album & His Radio Ministry

Perry LaHaie

Perry LaHaie is best known as a recording artist with Frontiers, an international community of people dedicated to inviting Muslims all over the world to follow Jesus. LaHaie uses his platform as a recording artist to challenge believers from across America to take the Gospel to the Muslim world. 

His current release, Ahead, produced by Grammy Award winning engineer Andy Hunt, follows his 2008 debut, Endless Fields. Inspiration for the new album, according to LaHaie, draws heavily on a quote from Dawson Trotman, the founder of the Navigators: "When you can't see very far ahead, go as far ahead as you can see." 

Hallels:  Perry, my heart is warmed to read about your work mongst the Muslim people.  How did you first become involve with Frontiers? 

I joined Frontiers in 2007 to help share the vision of reaching the Muslim world using radio and music.  I had been working as a radio host and singer/songwriter/worship leader for many years and carried with me a passion to reach those who've never heard the gospel.  So in 2007 I resigned my job doing afternoon drive at Family Life Radio in Midland, MI so I could give everything God has invested in me to help bring the gospel to the Muslim world. 

Hallels:  Tell us more about the ministry of Frontiers and how it ministers to Muslim communities. 

Our mission is this:  With love and respect inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.  We have over 1000 workers living in the Muslim world sharing jesus' love.  We move into Muslim cities with vocations.  We use our vocation to bless the community.  We move into Muslim neighborhoods and learn the language and culture.  We build strong friendships and invite Muslims to follow Jesus.  And many are deciding to follow Him!  We have a special heart for the 1108 Muslim people groups that still have no Christian workers, no one reaching out to them.  We are praying and planning that by 2025 there will be messengers of the gospel among all these groups!  Pray for laborers for the harvest! 

Hallels:  Can you relate to us a story of how you have seen a Muslim come to know Christ. 

Michelle a Frontiers worker from the US had answered Jesus' call to bring the good news to a Muslim city, a world away from America.  Because of her friendships with Muslims she was now beside Mariam who was moments from death.  As a Muslim Mariam had no assurance of heaven.  She was terrified of what was waiting for here beyond death's door.  When Mariam was sixteen her husband left her and their son. With little education, she couldn't get a job to support him.  Feeling she had no other choice, she became a prostitute.  Now AIDS would claim her life.  Mariam's terror filled eyes locked onto Michelle's.  Michelle whispered to Mariam, Mariam, Jesus loves you so much, accept his forgiveness.  In that moment Miriam's terror was swept away as she opened her heart to the Prince of Peace.  Michelle caught Mariam's eyes as she passed.  What she saw was the look of someone ready to be embraced.  *This is from a Frontiers E newsletter from October 2015-names have been changed for security 

Hallels:  Congratulations also on the release of your album "Ahead."  How would you describe your style of music? 

It's Jason Gray meets Brandon Heath meets Matt Maher-songs that pulse with the amazing-ness of God's grace and His heart for the nations. 

Hallels:  Why did you call your album "Ahead"? 

Dawson Trotman founded the Navigators.  He said about the life of faith:  "When you can't see very far ahead, go as far ahead as you can see."  That so much describes the life of faith.  God doesn't give me the blueprint.  He gives me light for the next step.  He tells me he loves me.  He says follow me.  He says that He will make my life a blessing to the nations.  This is all I need to know.  And with this knowledge I move forward one step of faith at a time into the great unknown to me, but known to God.  

Hallels:  You are also a radio personality.  Tell us more of your work with radio. 

I produce a one minute radio feature called Cast Yourself In, that tells stories of how God is working in the Muslim world.  And I co-host a daily morning show Moody Radio in Grand Rapids, MI.  There's the normal morning show stuff like great songs, weather, traffic, news.  But the heart of the show is sharing the wonders of the gospel and how we can be on mission with God.  And a lot of this content comes from interacting with listeners.  

Hallels:  How then do you balance your time with all your various ministries?  

I pray for wisdom a lot!   I try to say yes to what I can do and what I believe is most important and no to those things that may be good but not the best.  I try to find regular times to rest and recharge.  Ultimately it's saying "Lord what do you want me to do today?  Life is a great balancing act and just when I finally figure it out it'll probably be time to see Jesus.  : ) 

Hallels:  With Christmas around the corner, what does Christmas mean to you? 

Christmas means a Savior was born to live the perfect life that we could never live, to die the death that we deserve and to rise again to prove that God accepted his sacrifice for my sin and shame and to declare that "Jesus is righteous and all show believe in Him are righteous through faith in Him." 

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