Natalie Grant Joins Charlotte Gambill for "Dare to Be" Tour

Natale Grant

Contemporary Christian music artist Natalie Grant joins author and speaker Charlotte Gambill for her "Dare to Be" 2016 Tour.  This is a women's conference set up to encourage ladies to dare to follow God's call that He has placed in our lives.

"Ladies! I'm believing 2016 will be a year of breakthrough for so many of us!...Because we are known by the One who has brought all things into existence, we can forgive and forget. Let's kick out shame and hurt, and make room only for hope and courage. Let's aim for trust, not doubt. Let's choose faith over fear. And let's rise up as daughters of the King, embracing who He has made and called us to be, and dare to walk in that calling like never before," Natalie declared. 

Dare to Be is a single evening women's event created by Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill. Their vision provides an opportunity for women to experience and receive the content of a large conference, but packed into a 2 1/2 hour evening event. Dare to Be is more than just a speaker followed by a concert, it is a fully integrated program with worship, two teachings by Charlotte, music by Natalie Grant, and a few special moments created to recognize local women and empower attendees to dare to follow the call that God has placed on their lives.

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Dare To Be Tentative Schedule:

1/14 - Boise
1/15 -Sacramento
1/16 -Seattle
1/21 - Dallas
1/29 - DC
1/30 - Philadelphia
1/31 - Baltimore
2/20 - Tampa
2/25 - Grand Rapids
2/26 - Minneapolis
2/27 - Milwaukee

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