Nate Brown & 4Given Indugle in their Passion Behind Their New Hymns Album

Nate Bean

Nate Bean & 4Given are preparing to release their all new HYMNS And DEVOTIONALS UNPLUGGED album in Spring 2016 by G.Favored Entertainment in partnership with Dream Label Group and distribution through Capitol Christian.This highly anointed aggregation of singers and musicians deliver presentations filled with life, energy and dynamic vocals that most importantly invoke the presence of God.  

Founder and Nashville native Nate Bean and his band of singers are now positioning their music and ministry to impact on a global scale.Nate Bean, known for his HUGE personality and smooth vocal styling, has quickly established a professional name for himself via his songwriting, arranging, directing, vocal producing, influence and heart for God's people. 

Hallels: Tell us more about Nate Bean & 4Given, who is 4Given? And how did you come together?

Well 4G is a group of some of the most AMAZING leaders and singers who all share one common interest, effective ministry!

We are all from different denominations and walks of life. I actually started the ministry when I was 16, because I was eager to express myself beyond all the traditional barriers I had already experienced as a kid. I asked a few childhood friends and a couple classmates and the rest is history.

Hallels: How would describe your sound? And what sets you apart from other Gospel acts?

I would like to think our sound is pretty universal and very diverse. God has blessed us to be able to musically fit any scenario. Whether it calls for a classic gospel sound or a new modern contemporary sound we can provide it. This means we can be in certain environments, and beyond our original material we can give you the top radio hit or a hymn of the church. I believe that sets us apart from a lot of our contemporary peers. 

Hallels: I am so looking forward to hearing your new "Hymns and Devotionals Unplugged" album. Why did you decide to do a hymns album?

I personally didn't grow up around a lot of hymns as kid, but as a young adult I went through a lot of hurt and let's just say experienced life. So during my lowest points, I would hear a hymn on the radio and the words would be so clear as if God himself was talking directly to me. I had heard what a friend we have in Jesus 6 different times before I finally said ok God, I hear ya, I know what I must do, and from that point the arrangements started flowing through my head.

Hallels: What are some of the hymns you have covered on this album? Of the thousands of hymns, how did you narrow your choices?

We covered "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" which is my personal favorite, "It Is Well With My Soul", and "Oh How I Love Jesus". Honestly I can say that life narrowed down the songs I would cover. I did not have a list picked out, but they just fell on me right when I needed it.

Hallels: But you have added your own interpretations to the hymns. How have you update the sounds of these hymns?

I kept the original foundation of most of the songs, but I did add a more modern Contemporary twist to them. The goal is to appeal to our generation as well as the more seasoned saints.

Hallels: Are there any original songs on the new album?

Yes, there is one original song on the project that is actually a tribute to a very special person, the late Lakisha Mitchell. A mother, wife, sister, a first lady, and most importantly a great friend and inspiration to me that passed after a fight with cancer. 

Hallels: Who helped you in terms of producing the record? Are there any special artists who have sung with you on this new album?

I had some young guys help on production, and while young in no way are they novice.  Jaye Haynes, Darius Mines, Tony Bush, and Marcus Perry were my right and left hands in production and helping this project materialize. We were fortunate enough to have some industry veterans join us like Pastor San Franklin Jackson, Michelle Prather, and Adriann Lewis-Freeman.

Hallels: For our readers who would like to get to know you more and your music, where can they go?

Well they will be able to get the music from all digital outlets, and their local music retailers. If they don't have PLEASE request it! However, they can follow us on social media at natebeanand4given (YouTube) @nband4g on twitter and Instagram. 


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