10 Years Ago 4Him Released Their Last Album


Ten years ago, multiple Dove Award winner Christian music group 4Him released their final album. By 2004, all four of the guys re-evaluated the future of the ministry. After close to seventeen years together, the members of 4Him decided to embark on solo careers.

In January 2006, 4Him released their last album ENCORE... For Future Generations. This is their eleventh and final studio album. It was released on INO Records. Encore features 12 hit singles from the group's first seven studio albums completely rearranged and rerecorded for this release. It also features a solo track from each of the four members. "Unity (We Stand)", the only single released, features guest vocals from Point of Grace and Jeromy Deibler (FFH). 

Track listing

1. Where There Is Faith (Originally from 4Him) Lead: Andy
2. Before The River Came (Originally from Obvious) Lead: Mark, Andy
3. The Basics of Life (Originally from The Basics of Life) Lead: Kirk
4. Center of the Mark (Originally from The Message) Lead: Marty, Kirk, Mark
5. Unity (We Stand) Lead: Mark, Marty, Andy, Kirk, Denise Jones, Leigh Cappillino, Heather Payne & Shelly Breen (Point of Grace),Jeromy Deibler (FFH)
6. For Future Generations (Originally from The Ride) Lead: Andy
7. A Strange Way To Save The World (Originally from The Season of Love) Lead: Mark
8. Great Awakening (Originally from Obvious) Lead: Mark, Kirk, Marty
9. The Voice of God (Originally from The Basics of Life) Lead: Marty
10. Medley

  • The Measure of a Man (Originally from The Message) Lead: Andy
  • A Man You Would Write About (Originally from Face the Nation) Lead: Marty
  • Why (Originally from Face the Nation) Lead: Mark
  • The Message (Originally from The Message) Lead: Kirk, Andy

11. Debt of Gratitude (Originally from One) Solo track from Andy
12. Carry the Light (Originally from The Line Between The Two) Solo track from Mark
13. Get Down Mountain (Originally from Timeless) Solo track from Kirk
14. Runaway Train (Originally from Open) Solo track from Marty


About the album, this is what Jesusfreakhideout says: "For me, the standout on this album was the medley, which is comprised of "The Message," "The Measure of A Man," "A Man You Could Write About," and "Why." The medley runs for close to eleven minutes, with excellent transitions, and just a great overall recording quality. That is one thing that cannot be disputed, this album sounds great! Another great one, "The Center of the Mark," which was released in '96, has been beautifully updated with a new accompaniment track featuring strings, electric guitars, and piano, which goes along way into updating this song for the new millennium. "Unity (We Stand)", Encore's first single, is a bit of a disappointment however. "Unity's" chorus oddly features a female choir, provided by Point Of Grace, with the end result being short and quite uncreative: "We stand, we come, we lift our voice as one." 4Him's vocals take a back seat to these guest vocalists in the chorus and most of the rest of the song. And, quite honestly, "Unity" just isn't that good, which is sad being that this is the last new song they will release to cap off to their career." 

4Him was formed in 1990. The group has won ten Dove awards, a Grammy nomination and three certified gold albums to their credit. The group was inducted into Alabama's Music Hall of Fame, following the awarding of The Governor's Achievement Award. The group has also been featured performers for popular Christian Evangelist crusaders, Billy Graham and Luis Palau. They have released 12 studio albums which have produced 27 number one singles.

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