** CLASSIC CHRISTIAN ALBUM ** Plumb “Blink” Album Review


Prime Cuts: God Will Take Care of You, Children of the Heavenly Father, In My Arms

Children's albums often are niche records.  They are often not made for mass appeal:  some without children will often frown on children's albums as being mawkish; so sweet that it may lead to ear decay. Then there are others who feel like children's albums lack depth and dimension. In an effort to accommodate smaller minds, the lyrics often come across as caricature and contrived.  Not so with Plumb's only children's effort.  In a blink (pun intended), Plumb's children record is almost 9 years-old.  And it's one of the only children's sonic endeavors that defy time and demographic. "Blink" came about when Plumb was enjoying a resurgence in her career beyond just CCM.  Some of her songs such as "Cut" began to be noticed by DJs and for the first time, Plumb was enjoying success on the Billboard Dance chart.

Moreover, in the midst of singing about loss, disappointments, and other elegiac topics, Plumb surprised fans when she released "Blink."  Inspired by the birth of her second son, she released her album of children's songs.  "Blink" is a slight departure for Plumb in at least two ways.  First, while Plumb is often known for her synth heavy electronica burners, "Blink" finds her in softer shades as she delivers an album of entirely ballads.  "Blink," remains to this date, Plumb's most intimate effort.  Second, "Blink" shies away from those throat cutting themes Plumb has been known for then.  Rather, the songs have a coat of sprightly optimism.  And it's also the only Plumb album to date where she puts her stamp on two hymns of the church!

The two hymns are just spectacular.  She doesn't sing them as mere Karaoke.  Rather, she approaches "God Will Take Care of You" with an Enya-esque mystic, adding a layer of organic electronic to it. And as the hymn unfolds note by note you feel like you are watching movie with cliff hangers on every turn.  Lesser known is the Swedish-American hymn "Children of the Heavenly Father;" a song written by Lina Sandell in 1858 when she lost her father in an accidental drowning. The song which speaks of how God the Father cares for the happenstances of his children often brings a tear to one's eye when we know of Sandell's tragedy. "In My Arms," which bears all the imprints of Plumb"s patented use of intensity and pauses, was the album"s most successful song. A song that was meant to be a lullaby was later ironically used as the soundtrack for "Vampire Diaries."

While Plumb had a tendency to disguise her true self behind elongated electronic beats on her previous records, here she bares her soul with perspicuity.  "My Sweet, My Lovely" captures the flushes of maternal love a mother feels intrinsically for her child.  Parents who often feel like their time with their children is far too short will resonate with the emotionally charged title cut "Blink."  Feelings of overwhelming bitter-sweetness are sure to overwhelm when Plumb sings: "When I think of how slowly life passes by/Then I'll blink and you're growing/No longer a child/What I can do, to capture this moment in time/Is to sing you a lullaby."


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