Sandy Blythe Introduces Us to the Blythe Family & Their New Album "Making Me Stronger"

The Blythe Family

The Blythe Family is a Southern Gospel group that has ministered to God's people since 1991. Most of their songs are original material that reflects the trials and victories of a Christian. Sandy Blythe has been blessed to write songs for other Southern Gospel groups such as: the McKameys, the Whisnants, the Inspirations, Mike Bowling and others. Some of the songs you may have heard on Southern Gospel radio include: Thank God For Grace, From The Shepherd's Point Of View, I'll Trust The Potter's Hands. It is their prayer that the music they sing will encourage and uplift you in your personal walk with God. 

Hallels:  Sandy, so grateful for your time.  Tell us who is the Blythe Family?

The Blythe Family is a ministry team of five including my Dad, (David Blythe) Mom, (Diana Blythe) Brother, (Richard Blythe) a close family friend, (Rita Ritchey) and myself, (Sandy Blythe).

Hallels:  How did you first hear God's call to sing as a family?

We were invited to be a part of a campmeeting in the state of Alabama in July of 1990. God opened many doors during that meeting, which led directly into full time ministry. We never dreamed we would still be traveling in 2016, but without a doubt we know we're in the center of God's perfect will.

Hallels:  Sandy, I first came to know about you via the songs you have written for many Southern Gospel acts.  What are some of the songs you have written for other acts?  When did you first start writing songs?

Here are a few songs you may recognize: 

The Shepherd's Point of View, by The McKameys
I'll Trust The Potter's Hands, The Whisnants 
I'm Glad I'm Saved, The Bowlings
The Unexpected Storm, The Perrys
Worship You Again, The Taylors

I started writing seriously at the age of 12 and sang one of those songs on our second family album. God has blessed and provided new songs on every recording since then. My brother has recently taken up writing, and several songs on our new record were co-written by him. This has been especially exciting for me.

Hallels:  Being a songwriter, what would you consider are the essential qualities of a good Christian song?

I feel every Christian song should have strong, Bible based lyrics, and the song title should be the thread that is interwoven throughout the song. The melody is equally important and it should help convey, not distract from, the message.

Hallels: What inspires you as a songwriter? Does songwriting come easy for you?

Song inspiration comes in many ways for me. Sometimes it's a point made in a sermon, a quote posted on a church marquee, or just a passing comment that strikes a chord in my heart. I can't say it always comes easy. I do my best to pray and seek the will of God for each new song, as a minister would do in preparing for a sermon. I've always felt that a song should be "a sermon with a melody."

Hallels:  Let's talk about your latest release "Making Me Stronger."  What lessons do you wish your listeners would grasp after listening to this record?

This new album basically chronicles our journey together as a ministry over the past several years. We've experienced the loss of a family member due to cancer. We've also experienced personal sickness and challenges in ministry that only God knows. But we've emerged from these trials with a new testimony of victory. We pray that every listener will grasp the important truth, that our trials are not allowed by God to weaken us, but to make us stronger.

Hallels:  One song of yours "Worship You Again" is my absolute current favorite right now.  What inspired you to write this song?

My brother came to me and said he wished we had a worship song that identified with a weary soul, slipping into the church pew, so tired from the responsibilities and burdens of life. It's hard to push beyond physical & emotional fatigue, until we realize we're in the presence of the King. He is worthy of our highest praise, no matter how difficult our day might have been. Our sacrifice of praise always makes Him smile.

Hallels:  If you have to pick two songs to introduce to our readers, which would they be?  And why?

We're getting a lot of positive feedback from the title song, Making Me Stronger, and also, We're Not Defeated. People everywhere are facing unbelievable, fiery trials. It is our prayer that every battle scarred Christian will realize these circumstances cannot defeat us, as long as we keep our eyes on the grace and the faithfulness of God.

Hallels:   For our readers who would like to find out more about you and your new album, where can they go?

Readers can learn more about us and purchase new music by visiting our website:



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