Travis Ryan “Until My Voice is Gone (Live)” Album Review

Travis Ryan

Prime Cuts:  We Believe, Until My Voice is Gone, Goodness of the Lord

Travis Ryan has been known to champion big-sounding worship anthems with theologically robust lyrics.  One listen to Ryan's songs reveals that this former Saddleback Church worship leader is not into worship songs that are frivolous in their contents.  Neither is he into songs that ride along the ambiguous fence of a secular love song and a worship shout-out.  "Until My Voice is Gone (Live)" is the perfect showcase of worship songs that flex with theological muscles.  They are not only meaty in their lyrical depths, but they are musically sturdy, anthemic, and exhortatory. 

Sr. Worship Pastor over all global and national campuses of LifePoint Church, Ryan has also spent seven years as worship leader at Saddleback Church and has led worship for Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Venture, The Purpose Driven Life Worship Conference, and at numerous universities. "Until My Voice is Gone (Live)," Ryan's debut full length album for Integrity Music, is actually a compilation of 2 EPS, one of which ("You Hold It All" which was released last year) and the formerly unreleased "Heartbeat."

As the titular indicates, these 11 cuts were recorded live over two nights at LifePoint Church located just outside of Nashville in Smyrna, TN where Ryan serves as worship pastor.  The album starts off with what is one of Ryan's signature worship pieces.  "We Believe," which follows in the line of Hillsong's "This is What Believe (The Creed)," is about grounding our worship in the pillar doctrines of the Church. In this song, Ryan brings out a sublime point, worship that is not grounded in truth becomes mere sentimentality.  The title cut,"Until My Voice is Gone" is another must-hear:  this power charger of a song rightly asserts that reason why we are not worshipping is because we don't grasp God in his glorious array.  

When it comes to the worship ballads, Ryan sings with a holy abundant. This is because these are not just songs to him. Rather, they are testimonies that come out of his own walk with Jesus.  Case in point is the string-laden "The Goodness of the Lord;" this is Ryan's own ode of thanksgiving to God for bringing his grandfather to Christ late in life.  Another gorgeous ballad is "The Cross Was Meant for Me," which boasts some soul-piercing lines, like "Sacred head now wounded bow/Your blood has made me royal/Your Cross was meant for me."  However, more pedestrian is "You Hold It All" and "Never Give Up on Me."

If you are looking for worship music that doesn't beat around the bush but speaks boldly of the Gospel in its full array, give this album a listen.  Ryan not only has a way with music and words, but when he sings, you know great things happen. 


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