Nominees for the 2016's the Singing News Fan Awards Announced

Collingsworth Family

The nominees for 2016's the Singing News Fan Awards are announced.  The Singing News Fan Awards is a fan-voted awards, with winners decided by the readers of the Singing News Magazine. This year's show is set to be another amazing event, taking place at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, later this year.

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2016 Singing News Fan Awards Top FIVE Nominations

Note: Nominations are listed in alphabetical order

Favorite Artist
Booth Brothers
Collingsworth Family
Greater Vision
Kingdom Heirs
Triumphant Qt

Traditional Quartet
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Kingdom Heirs
Legacy Five
Mark Trammell Qt
Triumphant Qt

Mixed Group
Collingsworth Family
Karen Peck & New River

Booth Brothers
Brian Free & Assurance
Greater Vision  
Jim Brady Trio

Barker, Pat
Bishop, Mark
Habedank, Joseph
Parker, Ivan
Penrod, Guy

Young Artist
Clark, Autumn Nelon - Nelons
Clark, Riley Harrison - Tribute Qt
Easter, Morgan - Jeff & Sheri Easter
Erwin, Katie - Erwins
Whisnant, Austin  - Whisnants
Allman, Chris - Greater Vision
Booth, Michael  - Booth Brothers
Free, Brian  - Brian Free & Assurance
Phelps, David - Gaither Vocal Band
Sutton, David  - Triumphant Qt

Booth, Ronnie  - Booth Brothers
Brady, Jim - Jim Brady Trio
Inman, Clayton  - Triumphant Qt
Rice, Arthur  - Kingdom Heirs
Wolfe, Gerald  - Greater Vision

Griffin, Rodney - Greater Vision
Inman, Scott  - Triumphant Qt
Lancaster, Paul - Booth Brothers
Singletary, Josh - Tribute Qt
Trammell, Mark - Mark Trammell Qt

Bennett, Eric  - Triumphant Qt
Chapman, Jeff  - Kingdom Heirs
Duncan, Tim - Canton Junction
Fouch, Matt  - Legacy Five
Reese, Ray Dean  - Kingsmen

Blair, Brooklyn - Collingsworth Family
Brady, Melissa - Jim Brady Trio
Gooch, Karen Peck   - Karen Peck & New River   
Hopper, Kim  - Hoppers  
Talley, Lauren - Talleys

Easter, Sheri  - Jeff & Sheri Easter
Hopper, Connie  - Hoppers
Metz, Courtney - Collingsworth Family
Stuffle, Libbi  - Perrys
Whisnant, Susan  - Whisnants

Collingsworth, Kim  - Collingsworth Family
Ivey, Trey  - Legacy Five
Mote, Gordon - Soloist
Singletary, Josh - Tribute Qt
Wolfe, Gerald  - Greater Vision

Gaither Vocal Band Band
Isaacs Band
Jeff & Sheri Easter Band
Kingdom Heirs Band
Primitive Qt Band

Bishop, Mark  
Brady, Jim  
Griffin, Rodney  
Inman, Scott  
Wilkinson, Dianne

A New Look - Kingdom Heirs
As We Speak - Greater Vision
Living in Harmony - Triumphant Qt
Pray Now - Karen Peck & New River
That Day Is Coming - Collingsworth Family

Amazing God - Triumphant Qt
Pray Now - Karen Peck & New River
Put Out the Fire - Greater Vision
Worry Ends Where Faith Begins - Whisnants
You Asked Him To Leave - Wilburn & &Wilburn

New Artist
Cana's Voice
Goodman Revival
Southern Raised

Radio Station
KWFC - Springfield, MO
WCON - Cornelia, GA
WEMM - Huntington, WV
WJBZ - Knoxville, TN
WXRI - Winston Salem, NC



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