Pastor Dale J Sanders Releases New Book "Termites In the Church"

Dale Sanders

"This is the LORD'S doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes", exclaimed Pastor Dale J Sanders as he took a seat next to his father, Pastor Leroy Sanders, Sr. to autograph copies of his book Termites In the Church.  Friends, family members, local press and other well-wishers joined the Father and Son Sanders team on Saturday, May 28th for the book signing and official Termites promotional tour kick off held at the Triumph Kingdom Builders Missionary Baptist Church.  

Pastor Dale continued to echo the sentiments of scripture, "what the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.  We are living witnesses that God can turn around any situation and give you a testimony of triumph even in the midst of what seems to be a tumultuous time." 

Termites in the Church is the first hand account from Pastor Dale Sanders of his father, Pastor Leroy Sanders giving service to God and the church for over 4 decades only to be falsely accused, unjustly arrested, and publicly humiliated by members of his own congregation. Even in the midst of the adversity, the elder Sanders leaned on his faith in God, knowing that tragedy is bearable when triumph is foreseeable. Pastor Dale shares their testimony in the hopes of strengthening the faith of others who are presently encountering or have dealt with times of crises and difficulty.

Dale Sanders hit single, You Win, was birthed in response to the family's ordeal and is quickly making its way up the Billboard Gospel Radio charts. The Termites promo and radio tour has made stops in Houston, Texas visiting churches and interviewing with Carmina Barnett at KHVN.  The itinerary will wind its Summer season through the Midwest region including stops in Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Louisville, Kentucky while heading for the west coast in the Fall.

The poignantly prolific and powerful ministry of Pastor Dale can be viewed on Tuesday nights on The Word Network at 12 Midnight ET

For additional information, visit the website at and stay connected with Pastor Dale Sanders via social media outlets.  Pastor Sanders is also

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