The McKameys “Something Worth Saving” Album Review

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Prime Cuts: Back to Bethel, Come to My Rescue, Bring You Glory

Longevity gets a new definition with the McKameys.  While many artists would be content if they could rank up a dozen albums under their belt over the course of their careers, "Something Worth Saving" is the McKameys' 52nd album!  And they have been signed to Horizon Records ever since 1992.  Such a fleet is unheard of in these days of fledging loyalties.  Not only are the McKameys consistently scoring one radio hit after another, they are also touring at least a 150 dates a year, an accomplishment many of their peers would only admire.  Showing no sign of slowing down, they have deliver yet another stunning album of 10 newly recorded songs. 

Before we delve into an exposition of these songs, it's fair first to say a word first about the McKameys.  It all started way back in 1954 in the home of a Christian minister where three of his daughters decided to sing in church one Sunday.  Dora, Peg and Carol McKamey not only caused a stir in their home church, but soon they were attracting the attention of out of town evangelists.  They began singing at revivals which really got the ball rolling.  Despite several configurations in the group's makeup over the years, the McKameys became a tour de force in Southern Gospel music over last six decades. 

Surfacing out of listening to "Something Worth Saving" is secret to the longevity of the McKameys.  Over the course of these 10 songs, this Southern Gospel group shows consistency and impeccability in their song choices.  Rather than riding on the coat tails of fading trends, this McKameys release is rifled with songs of great tunes married with Gospel-centered lyrics. Lead single "That's Why There's a Cross," one of three Sheryl Ferris' compositions, is exemplary of what a classic Southern Gospel tune need to sound like.  Majoring in the Cross-work of Jesus over a gorgeous country tune quipped with those deliciously sounding harmonies, "That's Why There's a Cross" has the word "classic" stamped all over it.

More Gospel moments abound with "Come to My Rescue."  Sung with an earnest brokenness, "Come to My Rescue" is a heartfelt and humble cry to God for his mercy and forgiveness. "Bring You Glory" continues the McKameys' balladry tradition of thoughtful singing over a slow waltzy tune. Arguably one of the best songs on the doctrine of perseverance is "Back to Bethel" which also has an old fashioned country charm to it that is extremely heart-warming. The title cut "Something Worth Saving," on the other hand, takes on a more rootsy approach with some prominent sounding guitar riffs that may be a tad intrusive. 

Despite the lofty quality of the songs and the McKameys' signature takes on them, the album leans towards the predictable side.  "Something Worth Saving" doesn't demonstrate much risk on the part of the team to tackle a more "modern" sound or to branch off into more adventurous musical terrains.  Nevertheless, as far as solid tunes go, you can't go wrong with "Something Worth Saving." 



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