Sherwood Releases First Album In Seven Years


The long-awaited new record from Sherwood is here! Some Things Never Leave You drops today on BC Music. After a seven year hiatus, the voice of MySpace has returned and the reviews speak for themselves. Grab the new record now at

"The band had returned with their signature beautifully delicate vocals and tight sound, but with sharper, crisper feel."

"Packed full of catchy, pop tunes that are lyrically centered around topics of young love, friendship, and growing up, which are reminiscent of songs that shaped the MySpace generation."

"Some Things Never Leave You is one of the best reunion albums in recent memory."

"A near perfect emo pop/rock record with a ton of musicianship and subtle intricacies in the arrangements to make it compelling multiple listens through."
Twitter/Instagram: @sherwood



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