Cindy Gibbs “Overtaken” Album Review

Cindy Gibbs

Prime Cuts: Trust in You, Through My Tears, Darkest Days

Never one to resort to polytechnics or vocal gymnastics, Cindy Gibbs just sings. And when she sing, we can't help but listen. With a crystalline voice that calls to mind Sarah Reeves and Natalie Grant, Gibbs has a way of commanding our attention with her voice.  This is because she has an uncanny ability of bringing out the nuances of her songs, making each song sound as though it was written just for us.  She sings them with such hues of emotions that we can't help but see the multi-colored beauty of God's truth as the song progresses. Produced by Tom Malkiewicz (Tye Tribett, Israel Houghton, Coffey Anderson), this album features 12 newly written songs that deals with our journey of faith with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Gibbs was born in Luttrell, TN.  She grew up in a diverse musical family.  At the age of 3, she began singing harmony with her mother and sister. By age 7, she was traveling and singing with her family at churches across the U.S..  At age 14, she recorded her first family recording in Nashville, TN.   Growing up, she got her start in a local studio singing background vocals. After majoring in Music Education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga she moved to Los Angeles, CA.  There she started writing, producing and recording her own music consisting of Christian and country.

"Overtaken" is decidedly a contemporary pop Christian record with a strong tilt towards piano-based ballads.  Ballads indeed are Gibbs' forte.  For when she gets behind the keyboard, magic happens.  Some of her best ballads here are also her most heartfelt entries.  "Trust in You" (not the Lauren Daigle #1 hit but a Gibbs original) is a heart-wrenching prayer of turning our lives over completely to Jesus.  With diary-like frankness, this is what true worship is all about. "Spirit Rain," with its ethereal-sounding keyboard sounds and Gibbs' earnest lyrics about stepping out towards Jesus in faith, is a great soundtrack for our morning daily devotions. 

Drawing from Gibbs' country roots is the acoustic guitar driven "Rescued Me" which boasts an infectious chorus.  Speaking of infectiousness, the pop leaning "Darkest Days" is a great reminder that Jesus is our strength even in our darkest days. More moments of utter surrender comes with the title cut "Overtaken," which is to be noted for its creative chord changes giving the song a very unique sound.  "Great Reward" is Gibbs at her vocal best.  Singing with a great sensitivity over some gorgeous sounding tunes, this tune not only speaks of heaven but the song is heavenly itself.  

While many Christian songs these days are sadly very "me" centered.  This is not so with Laron Christopher's "Through My Tears." Keying on Jesus' great sacrifice on the Cross, the lyrics are gloriously Christ-exalting and yet revolutionary to the soul: "A crown of thorns crushed on his head, they whipped him till he bled, what an aweful ugly sound that whip would make as they beat him, they pierced him in his side, blood and water came rushing out, what an aweful ugly site my master faced.  The only true description of the cross where Jesus died was through my tears."

Though Gibbs is still considered a relatively new artist, yet she shows depths and dimensions when she sings about her Lord.  She has a way of singing that draws you into her sonic narratives.  Soon you will find yourself worshipping with her.  Do your soul and heart a favor, give this album a listen.



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