Cheri Keaggy is Getting Married

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Dove Award singer and songwriter Cheri Keaggy is getting married in December.  The lucky groom-to-be is Steven.  In an email sent to her fans, Keaggy details how God has brought Steven, a carpenter, into her life. 

She writes: "The couple who owns the house I'm renting would send Steven over from time to time to fix things. Each time we would have good conversations and I noticed he would always look me in the eyes as if what I had to say was important. We talked about our lives, our children, and the Lord. One day, Steven was busy replacing my back patio doors. I had plans for dinner and a movie with a girlfriend later that night. When she backed out last minute, I said out loud to my dog, "Well, Daisy, it looks like it's just me and you tonight!" Without skipping a beat, Steven interjected, "I'd love to take you to a movie."

"Somehow I felt God's permission to go. And the rest is history. Early on, I had him listed as 'Steven - repair guy' in my phone. As our friendship grew, and he was so kind, attentive, and sensitive to my needs, I realized God was using him to do another kind of repair work in my heart, opening me up to love again. Aside from a six month stint or so, when God required me to let him go, we've been inseparable sharing a love of reading, writing, long talks, dog walks, and growing together in Christ. God has been a good Heavenly Husband to me. And now He is blessing me with an earth husband, my husband with a little "h"..."

"I'm so thankful He's letting me have this good man! I've loved a Carpenter for a long time, and now I get to love a carpenter, too! We are grateful for all God has done in our lives and excited for what God has in store for our future together. Thank you for allowing us to share our joy. We appreciate your prayers in this new chapter of our lives. It will be a Merry Christmas, indeed!"


Keaggy has recently released her single "Be My Sabbath."  The song is taken from her album "No Longer My Own."  Donning the producer's hat for the project, Keaggy employed the talents of some of Nashville's top musicians, skillfully steering the project's instrumentation and her own trademark velvety vocals toward the pop and gospel genres. The result is a cohesive collection of Christ-focused songs that exude a sense of deep felt conviction and, ultimately, surrender.

"My prayer is that all-too-busy believers will rediscover the simple joy of being with Jesus, sitting with Him, delighting in Him. After an incredible season of ministry that left me suffering from burn-out, I knew I had to guard that, to remember my First Love. And it has humbled me, in a good way. I don't mind being broken as long as I get a good song out of it," she quips. "'Be My Sabbath' might contain the most angst-ridden lyrics I've written to date, but it's real; it's authentic and it points to God, my Source, my Sabbath."

Keaggy admits to being both humbled and excited by the number of doors that opened for ministry as a direct result of her 2012 release, So I Can Tell. With a quiver full of new songs burning in her soul, Keaggy prays 2015's No Longer My Own will continue to inspire and embolden fellow saints to live more fearlessly for Christ. 

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