Sam Ock Delivers a Jazzy Christmas with "Wintery"

Sam Ock

Wintery by Sam Ock is a seasonal album, a jazzy collection of tunes which celebrate fellowship and faith through Winter. Beginning from the end of Fall through Advent, carrying through to the New Year, the songs speak of the sights, sounds, and spiritual experiences which take place at the conclusion of every year. Listeners should let the sounds of Wintery relax and warm the soul as they listen together with their loved ones!

About Sam
Sam Ock is a passionate experimentalist, an instinctive musician, and a dauntless lyricist; he seamlessly blends thought with sound and makes music a natural extension of who he already is. His latest release, Wintery, does exactly this in its celebration of the coming warmths of winter. As the album glows with the season's brightly lit joys, it carries the hopeful listener from Advent to the New Year, cheering the soul with its cozy sounds, and swelling from the fullness of winter's familiar fellowship and faith.

Sam cannot recall a time when music was not a part of his life. "Music was like a family member. I had grown up with it, I knew it intimately, and sometimes I didn't want to have anything to do with it," he muses as he tries to pin down the start of his music career. "But I had to do it." Sam recalls a childhood blanketed with high artistry, threaded with the fabric of his mother's opera career. "My parents were always playing classical music at home; we never listened to any pop. I remember only having one video of some Korean pop music show, and I'd just play it again and again and again, and again."

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Sam Ock Wintery track list
1. Fall Leaves
2. Winter Has Come
3. Season's Taste
4. Who Would've Thought (feat. Hanbyul)
5. Ever Celebrate
6. Tidings & Joy
7. Save
8. My Fire
9. New Year

For listeners of: Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, John Legend, Michael Buble, Christmas music




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