Gaither Music Group Releases Joey Feek's First Posthumous Album "If Not for You"

Joey Feek

Gaither Music Group will release the late Joey Feek's 2005 album "If Not for You" in April. Joey, who has had been a mainstay in both country and Christian music, died last March after an unsuccessful bout with cancer.

This first posthumous release is not entirely a previously unreleased album.  The record was formerly entitled Strong Enough To Cry. Joey was signed to Sony Nashville originally in 2001 and was paired up with producer Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks/Martina McBride) and songwriter and performer Billy Crain to record her debut album.

She finally recorded an unreleased solo album in 2005, but due to change in management and restructuring at Sony, her album was shelved and never released. It has been available in limited format through the duo's website, but now will see the release that so many fans had hoped to see coming before her well-documented and tragic death from cancer in March 2016. 

This collection captures her life story, including her small-town roots and family heritage, and showcases some of the first songs she recorded in Nashville. This special edition features a 48-page booklet of photos, memories and stories penned by Joey, her family and husband, Rory. Containing her original rendition of 'That's Important to Me,' cameo appearances from her parents and a tribute to her late brother, this recording highlights Joey's unmistakable voice and honors her life of never-wavering faith that continues to inspire. 

 If Not For You track listing:

1. Intro (Have I Told You Lately That I Love You)
2. Strong Enough To Cry
3. That's Important To Me
4. When The Needle Hit the Vinyl
5. Nothing To Remember
6. The Cowboy's Mine
7. If Not For You
8. Southern Girl
9. Red
10. Like A Rodeo (with Paul Overstreet)
11. See You There
12. Old Paint 

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