INTERVIEW: Michael Boggs Shares on His New Solo Album 'More Like a Lion'

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Michael Boggs joined the Christian group, FFH, in 1999 and contributed to seven No. 1 radio singles, seven GMA Dove Award nominations, and records that have sold into the millions. When FFH took some time off the road in the fall of 2006, Michael stepped into the role of worship leader at a fast growing young adult gathering, Kairos, in Brentwood, TN hosting nearly 1000 college students and young adults every week, and has served as a regular guest worship leader at various churches, including Max Lucado's church, Oak Hills, in San Antonio, Texas. 

Michael just released his new solo album, More Like a Lion. We would like to thank Michael for taking the time to speak wtih us and sharing about his new project.  


Hallels: How has the reception been to your new album More Like a Lion?

MB: "It has been very encouraging. It's fun to hear what songs are meaningful to people and how some people have found hope and healing through a few of these songs."


Hallels: How is the experience different being a solo artist from your time with FFH?

MB: "It's very different. In a band you usually all help make decisions about songs for records, set lists, schedules and overall direction of the band. As a solo artist, you make those decisions yourself. It's important that you surround yourself with a good team, mentors and friends who can help you make great decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with FFH and I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a solo artist. Both are different, but both are good. God has been gracious in allowing me to do both."


Hallels: How would you describe your sound for people that haven't heard of you and what artists have influenced your sound?

MB: "singer/songwriter"


Hallels: Tell us the story behind your song, "What Would Jesus Undo"?

MB: "I was listening to a sermon by Shane Claibrone where he quoted from a book called Unchristian. He said several hundred people were asked what they thought of when they heard the word Christian. The top 3 answers were: anti-gay, judgmental and hypocritical. There were no good things in the top 10 and love never made the list. I was so burdened by that information. I got together with a friend of mine and over the next 4 co-writing sessions, we came up with the song."


Hallels: What advice would you give to up and coming songwriters who want to write for other artists?

MB: "Write everyday. One of my friends said this: "Some days are inspiration. Most days are perspiration." Writing is hard work but rewarding work as well. Also study other writers that you love. You can learn so much by looking at other writers' work."


Hallels: What is the biggest song you've written that no one would know came from you?

MB: "I helped write a Coke jingle that was played for a year on top 40 stations."


Hallels: If you could collaborate with one Secular Artist and one Christian Artist, who would you choose?

MB: "I would enjoy collaborating with Chris Tomlin because he's written so many songs for the church that they sing every Sunday. I also would enjoy collaborating with Don Henley from the Eagles because he's written such good songs."


Hallels: Do you have a current scripture that has been speaking to you? If not, what are some personal favorite verses of yours?

MB: "Matthew 16:24"


Hallels: If you could each play professionally for any sports team for one day, who would you pick?

MB: "I would actually prefer to play college football for Oklahoma University."


Hallels: What are your touring plans for the rest of 2014?

MB: "I am going to be busy. I am gone nearly every weekend through the summer and with a book coming out in the Fall, I expect to be on the road a lot this year."



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