Listen to RaeLynn and Leeland Mooring Sing "Young"


Newcomer RaeLynn partners with her cousin and CCM artist Leeland Mooring to sing "Young."  The song is taken from RaeLynn's brand new album Wildhorse.

Raelynn is grateful to be able to sing with Leeland Mooring: "He's my family, so he's been a big supporter of mine. I look up to him in so many ways; he's been nominated for Grammys. He's an amazing artist, so to have him involved with the album was really special." 

The album Wildhorse, produced by Jimmy Rabbins and Nicolle Galyon, is RaeLynn's most heartfelt work to date. "Every lyric takes you through a part of my journey these last four years - this record is my college experience in a lot of ways.  I graduated from high school, moved away from my parents, and started a life on my own. I fell in love, had my heart broken and then found love again.  I married the man of my dreams and now we're starting a life together.  All the highs and lows from these last four years are here. I've always wanted to put out an album where my personality and songwriting could really shine through and I feel like WildHorse finally gives fans a true glimpse into who I am as an artist and a young woman," RaeLynn explained in a press release.

As she co-wrote a good majority of the songs with some Nashville friends, the singer hopes that her fans can understand what all she's gone through and wants them to be able to relate to the stories in their own ways as well. "This album is my journey and I sure hope you find some of your journey in it, too," she said.

WildHorse Track Listing:

  1. Your Heart
  2. WildHorse
  3. Love Triangle
  4. Lonely Call
  5. Insecure
  6. The Apple
  7. Young (feat. Leeland Mooring)
  8. Diamonds
  9. Trigger
  10. Graveyard
  11. Say (feat. Dan + Shay)
  12. Praying For Rain



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