Watts, Rowsey & Bean “Turn Your Radio On” Album Review

Watts, Rowsey and Bean

Prime Cuts: Turn Your Radio On, I Am Still Your Child, Don't Give a Rock a Chance

If these are the type of songs being played on radio, you won't have to turn your radio off.  "Turn Your Radio On" is the type of record that locks in your radio dial.  It has everything you would want from the best of Southern Gospel radio from the fun rollicking rompers ("Turn Your Radio On") to the bluesy drawn-out Southern rockers ("When Revival Comes to Town") to the big piano heartfelt ballads ("Written in the Scars").  Though each member of Watts, Rowsey & Bean has had their own successful stint, "Turn Your Radio On" is their debut album together as a trio.  It's also their first they have ever cut for Daywind Records.  

Watts, Rowsey & Bean comprises of former Perrys soprano Nicole Watts Jenkins, former Karen Peck & New River member and noted songwriter John Darin Rowsey and Voice Of Evangelism's Gina Bean. The album has been already preceded by two singles.  The first is the title cut 'Turn Your Radio On."  With the word "hit" being stamped all across this song, "Turn Your Radio On" is the type of song you would want to sing along with your windows rolled down cruising in your car.  "Written in the Scars," the album's sophomore single, treads on a totally opposite direction as far as tempo goes.  While "Turn Your Radio On" bristles with an energetic zest, "Written in the Scars" is a slow contemplative ballad that takes us on a tear-inducing stroll with our Lord on his journey to the Cross.    

What gives this album the added shine is that many of these songs give fresh compelling takes on verses we often take for granted.  "Don't Give a Rock a Chance" is a prime example.  Taking its seed thought from Luke 19:40, where Jesus rebukes the Pharisees that if his disciples were to stop praising even the stones will cry out, "Don't Give a Rock a Chance" gives this verse an ingenious spin.  "I Am Still Your Child," likewise, utilizes the children's nursery "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to express our need to have that childlike faith in God as our Father.  Giving so much comfort to our trembling hearts is the line, "You put a twinkle in the sky so I don't have to wonder where you are."

"He's in Control," formerly covered by Austin's Bridge, opens with John Darin Dowsey taking the lead.  A slow dragged out Southern blues stew, "He's in Control" showcases the trio's mettle to handle genres of all kinds.  And they do bring us to church with the feet stomping and hand raising jubilant sounding "When Revival Comes to Town."  This is truly an engaging record, it will get you glued to the speakers right through the 10 songs.  If radio is that good, we sure won't have to touch our dials. 

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