Hyssongs Release "Still Moving Mountains"


Hyssongs have just released their latest album "Still Moving Mountains." Containing 11 songs -- which includes brand new compositions as well as well-tested covers --  the renowned family group are ready to proclaim their faith again in songs.  All eleven songs on this recording paint a picture of the loving God that the Hyssongs serve.  

The album title comes from the song "He Still Moves Mountains For Me," by Shane Roark. Richard Hyssong says that they see many examples of God working in peoples' lives and they love to tell those stories. "We tell these stories because we want people to know that what God has done in our lives, what God has done in other peoples' lives," he says. "No matter what, God still moves mountains, because with God, nothing is impossible."

Another song on the album that immediately catches listeners' ears is "Behind The Scenes," by Kenna West. Dell says, "I love the story of Joseph, and I've often talked about him and preached about him and brought messages on him. I think about how his own brothers sold him into slavery and then over the next years going to prison. Just over and over, all the hardships that he had. Then he's finally reunited with his brothers and he's able to provide food for them during the famine. Joseph said, They meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.' We've used that verse so many times even in our own lives because behind the scenes, God is working. Joseph never lost sight of the fact that God loved him and that God was working on his behalf. God is working on our behalf. Like this song says, He's working behind the scenes."


I Happen To Know

He Still Moves Mountains For Me

God Has Always Been Good

I Tell Them Jesus

Behind The Scenes  

God I Need A Miracle

Step Out Of The Boat  

Sweet Beulah Land

I've Seen Enough

Sheltered In The Arms Of God

Help Me Not To Fall 

The Hyssongs travel full-time sharing the Gospel through the powerful medium of music. Dell, Susan, & Richard Hyssong encourage and delight audiences wherever they appear with their family vocal harmony, lively energetic style, humor, and brass instruments (trumpet & trombone).

The award winning trio consistently has top 40 songs on the radio charts. They perform more than 250 times each year in churches, auditoriums, gospel cruises, (as well as television and radio). During the last two years, they have sung more than 12 times at Dollywood and have been featured in the Singing News. They travel throughout the United States and Canada; and during 2010, they had the privilege of going to El Salvador, Central America with Compassion International.

The Hyssongs record on the Sanctuary label at the Chapel Valley Studio in Sharps Chapel, TN. God has truly blessed their ministry as they continue to sing and praise the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior. 



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