Epic The Band Releases New Single 'Proclaim'


Miami-based Christian band, EPIC, announces the release of their new single, "Proclaim," as they work towards their new album being released during the fall of 2017.

Written by vocalist Alison Rodriguez, "Proclaim" is an upbeat song inspired by Matthew 28:19 from the Bible, which says to "go forth and make disciples of all nations." Her way of doing this came from the heart: she is simply having a conversation with someone about God's love.

"God has worked miracles in my life," Rodriguez explains. "Because of that, I want other people to encounter Him in a real way, too. If people can get so excited with the idea of falling in love with another person, they can definitely get excited about falling in love with God. That's what the song's all about."

With honest lyrics written from personal experience, Rodriguez says that this song isn't meant to convince listeners, but to joyfully challenge them to open their hearts.

"Proclaim" is being used as the main theme for the Ave Maria Youth conference. This conference, which is expecting over 750 teens in attendance, is taking place from July 14-July 16, 2017 at Ave Maria University, located at 5050 Ave Maria Blvd, Ave Maria, FL 34142.
While their second album is in the works, EPIC the Band's "Proclaim" is available to download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. The song can also be streamed from online music services, Spotify and Tidal.

EPIC the Band is currently booking for the year of 2018 with the release of their new album. For more information visit 

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