Critic's Choices: Glen Campbell's Best Christian Songs

Glen Campbell

On August 8, country music Glen Campbell passed away after a 6 year battle with Alzhiemer's disease.  Though the singer has had struggles with alcohol and substance abuse, he was a Christian.  Campbell  was raised in the Church of Christ and remained a God-fearing man to the day he died.

Before he died, his wife of 36 years, Kim, revealed that he lost all of his ability to communicate but would still praise God. "I've seen him walk over to the window and he'll raise up his hands and say 'Thank you Lord,'" Kim Told Breathecast in 2014. "Even the [Alzheimer's care facility] workers tell me about how thankful he is to God all the daylong."

Moreover, over the years, Campbell has recorded his share of Christian songs and albums.  So, here are top 5 Christian songs by Campbell. 

5.  "Jesus and Me"

After singing about love won and lost for so many years, in 1993, Campbell cut a song in honor of the greatest love of his life, Jesus Christ.  The lyrics reveal the Christ-loving heart of the singer: "Now I'm singin' a new song/Makin' music for Jesus my King/He is my hero/He's become my everything//Now there's no other song/No higher melody/Under heaven, the greatest love story."

4. "Jesus on My Mind"  

Tugged away as the closing track to his 1990 "Walking in the Sun" is this Gospel gem, "Jesus on Your Mind."  Despite his numerous hit records, Campbell reminds us again that Jesus is the most important person in his life.

3. "Those Words"

Though the song doesn't explicitly mention Christ, but the lyrics remind us of so many Proverbs which speak about the danger of the tongue. Set within the context of a marriage, this is a relationship gem that we desperately need to hear. Here Campbell reminds us of the need for to forgive one another.   

2. "The Boy in Me"

This song was autobiographical to Campbell.  In the midst of being trapped by the chains of alcohol and drugs, "The Boy in Me" is Campbell's prayer for the joy and freedom that only Jesus can bring. 

 1. "The Four Horsemen"

Jimmy Webb has written many hit songs for Glen Campbell, including his signature hit "Whicta Lineman."  But you never thought Webb would write a Christian song.  And one taken from Revelation!  Talk about the unexpected!  Revelation 6 comes alive in this oft-forgotten cut!





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