Internet Preacher Marcus Rogers Announces Divorce Amid ‘Losing’ Army Job

Marcus Rogers

Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers, the head of End Times Ministry and popular Internet preacher, has just announced that he is getting divorce. He explained that he and his wife have been having ongoing marital problems that have become irreconcilable. In the mean time, he is also "losing" his job with the army.

"So it hurts me to say that I will be going through a divorce, at the same time I am 'losing' my job with the Army. It has been a long time coming," Rogers said in a statement on his Facebook page to his shocked fans.

"The Bible says how can two walk together unless they agree, and the fact is where I am going, I am going alone. We don't agree on the direction of my life. The more I try to keep it together the worse it gets. This is simply a result of not doing things God's way many years ago. Not having the proper foundation," he said of his relationship.

"I have been trying to hold on to something that was never meant to be in the first place. I didn't find out who I was as a man in God until 3 years ago. We been together for much longer than that. I am sure many of you remember our separation period while I was in South Korea, and have seen my videos that were birthed from this."

"It breaks my heart because I gave my everything to it, but this is what happens when you give your heart without asking God for permission," he said of his marriage. "I made many bad choices in relationships because I didn't know better. Never had a father to teach me what to look out for and how to be a good and Godly man. Made a ton of mistakes. The wisdom came from the wounds. I learned the hard way. I learned through trial and error and as I grew in my walk with the Lord it was clear that this was a direction that I was going to have to take alone. Everybody can't go or may be unwilling to walk where God leads you."

Rogers said before making the decision to seek a divorce he consulted with a number of religious leaders but he ultimately allowed God to make the decision for him.

"I ask for prayers and nothing else. Feel free to say whatever you want about me, but any negative comments directed at her will get you blocked. I have nothing but respect and love for her and everything we had together. She just does not share my same beliefs, and God is in control. So going forward I will be going alone and His grace will be sufficient for me," he added.

While some of his fans chided him for airing his relationship struggles publicly, he said he had to do it because his ministry was birthed on Facebook.

"I only shared this because me and God made an agreement before He ever gave me this ministry and following. I have to follow it. It was literally how this platform was built. I hope I can help others through my mistakes and show them the wiser way which was never done for me as a young man. To be clear we are going our separate ways because we simply do not agree on moving forward and how it should be done and what guidelines to follow in the word," he said. "I know what God has called me to do. I don't care what anyone thinks about it, because you couldn't stop God from doing what He was going to do with me no matter how much you don't agree."



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