Anberlin Final Album 'Lowborn' Releasing June 2014 from Tooth & Nail Records, See Album Art & Tracklist

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Anberlin Final Album 'LowBorn' Releasing June 2014 from Tooth & Nail Records, See Album Art & Tracklist

Popular Central Florida pop/rock band, Anberlin, will be releasing their new album Lowborn on June 23rd from Tooth & Nail Records, which was their first label when the band started. 

The recording process for their new album was different, as the musicians did their parts with separate producers they each selected. Drums were recorded with Matt Goldman in Atlanta and later combined with bass and guitar in Lakeland, FL with Copeland's Aaron Marsh. Vocals were recorded with the band's longtime collaborator Aaron Sprinkle in Franklin, TN. 

"We were really honest with each, probably more so than in the past," Young says. "You have to come to a point where, with different opinions, there's no right or wrong. There was a fearlessness which was really freeing and exciting for all of us. To just not have to think about anything else except what's the best thing for the song." Some of the album's lyrics address the band's end and history. "I know there are going to be a lot of questions as to why we decided to break up and I explain it all in the song 'Atonement,'" Christian says. "And I want to make sure that the our fans and friends know that we will always remember them, and the moments spent with them were some of the greatest of my entire life. I tried to convey that in the song 'Harbinger.'" Another track, "Stranger Ways," first appeared in demo form in the band's farewell video earlier this year.

Anberlin has been a band for 12 years and is Stephen Christian (vocals), Joseph Milligan (guitar), Devon Rexroat (bass), Nathan Young (drums), and Christian McAlhaney (guitar). The rock group formed in central Florida in 2002 and have released six innovative and sincere albums that have affected fans in deeply emotional ways. Lowborn will be the band's seventh and final full-length.

"Usually breakups happen quickly and suddenly, an implosion of sorts," McAlhaney says. "What is unique about the end of Anberlin is that we discussed where people were at in their lives, what that meant for the band, and then made plans for the end on our own terms." lowborn reflects true artistic freedom for the band, who felt liberated from any sort of expectation or pressure. "I wanted to enjoy the creative process one more time, with no restrictions, no one breathing down my neck for a single," Christian says. "Just unadulterated creative freedom."


Anberlin Lowborn Tracklist:

1. We Are Destroyer

2. Armageddon

3. Stranger Ways

4. Velvet Covered Brick

5. Atonement

6. Birds Of Prey

7. Dissenter

8. Losing It All

9. Hearing Voices

10. Harbinger

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