Hillsong's Brian Houston Urges Christians Not to be Silent in Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Brian Houston

In September more than $122 million worth of paper ballots will be sent to Australians asking them whether gay marriage should be legal. It comes after the country's ruling party refused to vote on a gay marriage bill. This vote will serve as public feedback only.  However, if the majority of the country says they are in favor of same-sex marriage, a bill could pass through Parliment rather quickly.

Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston is telling Christians to take action and not be a "silent majority" during Australia's upcoming same-sex marriage vote in September. "Whatever your view on this issue, it is undeniably one that is important to the fabric of our social structure. Changing the definition of marriage has wide-reaching ramifications and should not be taken lightly by any society," Houston wrote in a press release. "All Australians should be a part of this process, not just a select few," he added.

Houston affirms the evangelical position that homosexual marriage is against the teachings of Scripture.  "I believe God's word is clear that marriage is between a man and a woman. The writings of the apostle Paul in Scripture on the subject of homosexuality are also clear, as I have mentioned in previous public statements." 

Houston tells Christians to be a part of the conversation and not waste the opportunity to take a stand for their beliefs.

"However it must be emphasised that for Christians to obtain an outcome consistent with their beliefs, they must vote. I believe that many Australians who are often referred to as the 'silent majority' feel strongly on this subject but allow louder and often more aggressive voices to control the public dialogue. This plebiscite provides us all with an equal voice and we should not waste this opportunity."






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