Billboard Releases '21 Under 21': Shawn Mendes Tops List to Lead New Generation of Music, Confirms Third Album

Shawn Mendes
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On Thursday, Billboard dropped their “21 Under 21” list- an annual list that pays tribute to young music artists who are set to lead a new generation of music, regardless of genre. Shawn Mendes was ranked first while Lorde and Khalid followed in second and third. Other singers like Camila Cabello and Noah Cyrus, among others, were all recognized.

In an interview with Billboard, Mendes shared his opinions on why society has found it increasingly difficult to understand teenagers. "Probably just the assumption that because we're young we don't have the life experience to understand certain things," the “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” singer explained. He added that current circumstances can be molded in a way that can aid teenagers to become more dynamic.

"I think young people are able to be so in tune now with culture and the media with everything that's at their fingertips that if it's harnessed in the right way, a young person can if they work at it, learn faster and be as wise as anyone much older than them now,” he added.

Mendes also shared the wise words he received from his peers in the music industry, including advice from Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. While the “Shape of You” crooner told Mendes to never stop and give up, the “Look What You Did” songstress advised him to not “stress much about it” when performing because fans and audiences just want to have a good time.

The Canadian singer also confirmed that he is prepping up for his next major career step- his third studio album. He said he now mainly aims to “create anthems for people.”

“I’m making album 3 right now and I just hope it can be even better and bigger than the last one,” Mendes said to Billboard.

When asked about his biggest accomplishment since breaking out as a music artist in 2012, the 19-year-old touched on his recent performances and his overall growth as a singer and songwriter.

“That’s hard to say but I think this latest tour and just the growth I feel I’ve gone through this year would be it,” Mendes said.

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