'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Spoilers: Producer Reveals Talks Future Episodes- Major Characters Are Splitting Up Once Again

AMC's 'The Walking Dead'
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‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 is yet to begin, but producer Scott M. Gimple has dropped spoilers about future episodes. The showrunner has already revealed the first few details about the AMC hit show’s ninth installment.

Meanwhile, ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 will make its debut in the US on October 22. As fans look forward to an “all-out war” that is set to take place in the next season, Gimple has already teased certain information of the series’ ninth season that will debut in October 2018.

Pointing towards ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7, Gimple admitted that the show’s writers are still set on splitting up the main characters once more in season 9.

“We knew… [the characters] were about as apart as they’ve ever been on the show, and we had all these concentrated episodes [in season seven],” Gimple said in an interview with

“A great deal of the reason we were doing that – the thing that was driving that – was that we knew this season everybody would be more mixed up, and that there would be less of that,” he added. Gimple also explained that the writers will be focused on character team-ups for season 8 because the installment to be released next will be “very, very different.”

‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 cast has also been dropping hints for fans, emphasizing the action-packed episodes for the new installment. “Every time you turn around, somebody’s shooting something or blowing something up,” Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel, shared. Moreover, Gimple confirmed that there will be major deaths, given that there were surprising events that took place last season.

A teaser trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 has been released, featuring new footage of the upcoming episodes; these include Rick Grimes rallying his fellow survivors from Alexandria and other soldiers from nearby communities.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 is set to premiere on October 22, 2017. Its premiere episode will be the 100th episode for the hit AMC series.

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