Alyn E. Waller and Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Presents FRESH ANOINTING “Oh How I Love Jesus” Single w/John P. Kee

Fresh Annointing

Stemming off the heels of their 3X Stellar Award Nominated album THE ENON EXPERIENCEReverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller, senior Pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, introduces their young adult choir Fresh Anointing. Fresh Anointing was created 2011 after a few Enon members gathered for an evening of fellowship over dinner.  Those few voices multiplied into many and now Fresh Anointing are working on their own album under the helm of the church label Enon Music Group.

Fresh Anointing released their debut single "Holy, Holy" in March of this year.  "Holy, Holy" landed on the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart at #3.  These young adults on fire for God have a new radio single "Oh, How I Love Jesus" featuring multi award-winning artist John P. Kee and Fresh Anointing member Elizabeth Holder.  "Oh, How I Love Jesus" will be available on all digital music outlets October 20.

"Fresh Anointing is a millennial group bringing millennials back to church," states Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller.  "Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church is a place where people encounter God, and this new single is an extension of our mission and ministry to expose the church and lead the people to Christ."

With so much contemporary music available, hymns and standards are sometimes overlooked or underserved in church services today.  Producer Garland "Miche" Waller arranged this beloved hymn with a contemporary twist while keeping the classic and familiar creative integrity on the song. "Producing this project has been such a blessing for me. I grew up on some of the hymns, and was always able to use them as my fight songs when things may have gotten rough," Miche shares.  "So many people say there's no place hymns, but Fresh Anointing has put their spin on it. You'll feel their joy, hope, and faith as they sing because they know God is with them."Listen To "Oh, How I Love Jesus"

Miche invited his long-time music collaborator John P. Kee to appear on the single.  Miche served as Kee's music director and worked with Kee on Top Billboard selling albums such as SHOW UP, LEVEL NEXT, LIFE & FAVOR and many more.

"After years of being a part of Gospel Music's history, it was refreshing to work with my 'son', Garland Miche Waller, and his amazing youth choir!" says John P. Kee. 

"His production on this song and project is a glimpse of the excellence and passion he has downloaded over the years. I expect nothing but greater things."

With songs like "Oh, How I Love Jesus" and "Holy, Holy", Fresh Anointing emanates dynamic worship and leave no one unmoved. From these timeless hymns of the church to original compositions, these enthusiastic voices of Fresh Anointing are effortlessly blending traditional and contemporary to create a bridge for the generation gap in music and ministry. Both Fresh Anointing introductory singles offer a taste of what is to be expected from the millennial project and provides the group with an extraordinary opportunity to convey their spiritual experiences via the artistic expression of music.

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