Beautiful Eulogy Announces Final Tour & a Hiatus

Beautiful Eulogy

Hip Hop trio Beautiful Eulogy is going into a period of hiatus after their latest tour.  This new tour is touted to be the last tour for the trio. In an email, they announced a specific local tour date to recipients and then added: "This will be our last official tour as Beautiful Eulogy, so if you were planning on coming out to a show, this would be the time to make it happen."

This does not mean that the band is breaking up.  Rather, they will be taking a hiatus to pursue local ministries and endeavors.  They write: "We recently announced that our current tour this month will be our last tour as @BeautifulEulogy. This doesn't mean the group is disbanding but we are setting touring aside so we can focus on localized ministry & other endeavors. We will still do occasional one off shows." 

Beautiful Eulogy is a Portland, Oregon-based group made up of artists Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano. The group introduces a distinct and directive sound that's driven by a desire to worship and glorify the God of the Bible, based in the context of its members' hip-hop roots and shaped by influences like electronic music, folk songs and old hymns.

The natural way Beautiful Eulogy came together parallels its organic creative process. As its members cooperated on various musical and church-related projects, they realized their chemistry and the opportunity before them to form a completely collaborative group that would emphasize a new gestalt - one that would allow them to steer away from a pure hip-hop trajectory while holding onto its origins, and that would free them from the courses of their solo careers while applying their individual talents to a collective.

"We're reinventing ourselves together," the group says. Its members enjoy their creative freedom within self-imposed boundaries, by predefining their work's message, sound and purpose.

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TOUR DATES: (For the latest tour dates and ticket info, click here)

Jan 23 / Worthy Tour feat. Alert312 / Chicago, IL 
Jan 24 / Worthy Tour feat. Alert312 / Indianapolis, IN 
Jan 25 / Worthy Tour feat. Alert312 / Columbus, OH 
Jan 26 / Worthy Tour feat. Alert312 / Cincinnati, OH 
Jan 27 / Worthy Tour feat. Ozay Moore and Sareem Poems / Westland, MI 
Jan 28 / Worthy Tour feat. Ozay Moore and Sareem Poems / Monroeville, PA 
Jan 29 / Worthy Tour feat. Shai Linne / Derwood, MD 
Jan 30 / Worthy Tour feat. Shai Linne / Dresher, PA 
Jan 31 / Worthy Tour feat. Daniel Steele / Elizabeth, NJ 



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