Bethel Music's Cory Asbury's New Album is Coming on January 26

Cory Asbury

Worship leader and songwriter Cory Asbury is set to release a new album in the first month of 2018. A ten song selection titled Reckless Love is set to drop on January 26th. 

This Bethel Music worship leader has crafted a powerful new album that marks his first release as a Bethel Music artist and his second full-length release to date. For Cory, the album is an organic, soulful journey into the heart of the Father, and certainly his most personal and honest yet.

A collection of 10 songs, "Reckless Love" is a whole-hearted telling of an essential story in Scripture: a Father's desire for connection with the ones he made, knows, and relentlessly loves. Known for his versatile and soulful sound, Cory's vocals convey greater resolve and vulnerability than ever before throughout each of these acoustic-driven songs.

In it's entirety, "Reckless Love" is about finding identity in God and being found by Him- fully and finally. The album's title track depicts the parable of the lost sheep found in Matthew 18 with contagious passion, "Oh the overwhelming never-ending reckless love of God / Oh it chases me down, fights 'till I'm found, leaves the ninety-nine / I don't deserve it / I couldn't earn it, still You give yourself away..."

Inspired by encounters with the Father's love Asbury has experienced, together these songs testify of sonship, the liberty we have as children of God, and the pride that the Father has carried for humanity since the Garden.

This album aims all of its attention toward the truth that the Father's company is the best place to be, and His voice is the most familiar one we know.

"Reckless Love" is like unearthing a map that leads back home, and will take worshippers into a place of rest, peace and identity in the smile of the Father over their life.

Reckless Love is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Reckless Love track listing

1 Reckless Love 
2 Water and Dust 
3 You Won't Let Go 
4 Endless 
5 Death Where Is Your Sting 
6 Only Takes a Moment 
7 Garments 
8 Your Love Is Strong 
9 Born Again 
10 Endless Alleluia



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