Annie Moses Band's Benjamin Wolaver Explains Why Christian Music is Important to Children

Benjamin Wolaver

Recently, Annie Moses Band released What Every Child Should Know About God Volumes I & II from Tommy & Me and ManAlive Records with distribution from The Fuel Music. The two-part album, which is meant to illuminate a child's world with truths about God and His love for us, brims with both joyful and peaceful melodies set to beloved, everlasting Scriptures. 

Moreover, Annie Moses Band has also launched ManAlive Publishing. Offering popular sheet music and original song arrangements made famous by Annie MosesBand, along with a host of other musical works and compositions large and small, ManAlive Publishing is meant to be a resource for pianists, music ministers, choir and theater directors, teachers, ensemble players and more. It provides a full complement of genres, including Piano, Vocal/Accompaniment, Choral, Orchestral and Theater, as well as a series of music for children and Christmas music.

We are honored to be able to chat with Benjamin Wolaver, the Director of Development of the Annie Moses Foundation, for this exclusive interview.

Hallels: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. You have recently released a 2-volume children's album set. What inspired you to release a children's album?

Answer: Over the past several years our family has multiplied! As our children have grown, we wanted to create a high-quality musical experience that would teach children foundational truths about God. All too often children's products are cheap and low in creativity. What Every Child Should Know About God takes beloved Scriptures and puts them to fun and beautiful melodies with first-rate production.

Hallels: How is this album different from the countless children's music out there?

Answer: As classically trained musicians we set a high bar for excellence, and that was definitely true for What Every Child Should Know About God. This album features all acoustic instruments and beautiful arrangements recorded at the highest quality. This project is deeply personal - we want our children to remember these Scriptures for the rest of their lives. And the quality of the music means they will never "grow out" of listening to the album. We listen to it ourselves!

Hallels: I believe each volume has its own theme and emphasis. Tell us more about these two volumes?

Answer: There are two discs - "Joyful" features upbeat songs for the active times of day while "Peaceful" is for quiet times. Both are treasuries of life-changing truths about our Creator.

Hallels: How can parents or Sunday school teachers or grandparents use this album to help their children or grandchildren get to know more about God?

Answer: Absolutely - it's the reason we made What Every Child Should Know About God! It's interesting: science has shown that people with Alzheimers or dementia may not remember their names but will remember a melody or song they learned as a child. Music embeds in the deepest recesses of the brain. That's why What Every Child Should Know About God is so powerful - these truths will stay with children forever.

Hallels: You have also started a publishing company. What kinds of music scores do you produce?

Answer: ManAlive Publishing is the outgrowth of our writing as a family. Our parents, Bill and Robin Wolaver, have been veteran songwriters and arrangers for decades here in Nashville - ManAlive Publishing is the culmination of years of their creativity. It features a wide-range of styles: bluegrass, inspirational, Americana, and Christian music, as well as numerous configurations: orchestral accompaniment, children's musicals, string quartets, choral pieces, and small ensembles with three part harmony, guitar, and fiddle. It's perfect for every musical opportunity.

Tommy & Me is the children's wing of ManAlive Publishing. Our motto is "nurturing the thoughtful child" and that's exactly What Every Child Should Know About God does.

Hallels: How and where can our readers access this site? And what's there for them there?

Answer:The websites are and

Hallels: In your opinion, what are some essential truths children need to know about God?

Answer: God loves you! God cares about you! God forgives! God never lies! All these and more are beautifully communicated on What Every Child Should Know About God. You can hear What Every Child Should Know About God on iTunes, Apple Music, or any other streaming service. You can also purchase the two disc set and multiple side products including a stuffed lamb and a fun tee inscribed with truths about God. We can't wait for families to experience this music!





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