Christa Wells Releases her Most Personal Album to Date "Velveteen"

Christa Wells

Singer and songwriter Christa Wells has released her brand new album Velveteen.  Produced by Ben Shive and Christa Wells, these 7 songs are her personal songs to date.

Christa Wells writes: "It's been a good long while since I released an album of new originals, so it is SWEEEEEET to announce that I have been writing, writing, writing and gathering steam to make my best, most luminous (new favorite word) album yet.

I don't want to say "these are my most honest songs to date," because I always write honestly if nothing else. But I will say this: these songs have been born from the most vulnerable moments of my life. I've been a good listener, and my past albums were largely written from other people's stories. Well, the past several years have had me walking a rope bridge over numerous canyons. There has been a great deal of loss, tangible and intangible. And a lot of sustenance."


1. Down Down Low
2. Come After Me
3. Hold This House Up
4. Butterfly
5. One Day
6. Holy Ground
7. Velveteen

Award-winning singer-songwriter Christa Wells is known for writing deep-reaching lyrics that seem to articulate the listener's heart. Christa's 2011 EP How Emptiness Sings received excellent reviews. Kevin Davis of New Release Tuesday called it "one of the most captivating albums I've ever heard." 

The path to her Christa's present success was non-traditional. Instead of spending her twenties networking and performing at showcases, Christa married early, started a family, and moved away from Nashville to Raleigh, North Carolina. Motherhood, performance anxiety, and advice from veteran songwriter Dwight Liles led Christa to focus on her writing. 

In 2006, Christa was named Songwriter of the Year by the Gospel Music Association for Natalie Grant's recording of "Held."  In 2009, Christa returned to the stage, overcoming her performance anxiety along the way. Christa has also written for and with recording artists Ellie Holcomb, Point of Grace, Plumb, Selah, Sara Groves, Nicol Sponberg, Jessica Campbell and more.

Christa currently lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee.



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