Rory Feek Shares a Video of his Daughter Dancing in a Mini-Wedding Dress

Indy Feek

This past weekend, Rory Feek's barn has been the occassion of a very special event.  Rory's niece Rachel and her new husband Dalton celebrated their marriage with a special wedding reception at the Feek's Tennessee farm. To celebrate the occasion, Rory found a very special outfit for youngest daughter Indy to wear to surprise the bride- a mini-wedding dress. 

"Indy was so excited.  I'm not sure she knew exactly what a wedding reception was, but she knew that she felt "bootiful Papa" and that's all that mattered." Rory reflects in his latest This Life I Live blog entry. 

"It was a such a special evening in a special place. The weekend before, we had held concerts in the barn and I was singing songs and telling stories about me and Joey's marriage and here we were, celebrating a brand new marriage in the same room."

Joey + Rory Feek's final album Hymns that Are Important to Us was Billboard's #1 Christian album of the year in 2016. The act was the No. 3 top Christian duo/group of 2016 and No. 5 among all artists in the genre.

Hymns That Are Important to Us, the duo's seventh and final studio album, was released on February 12, 2016 via Gaither Music Group. The set, which was a "dream project" for Joey Feek, consists of twelve covers of Christian hymns, plus a reprise of "When I'm Gone," which was first featured on the duo's His and Hers album in 2012.

To close out the night, Rory and little Indy danced to a Keith Whitley song that he and Joey used to dance to...




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