Rory Feek Launches New Website

Rory Feek

Rory Feek has just launched a new website. To make things easier for fans, all information about the singer, author and songwriter can now be found on

Rory explains that over the years he and his late wife Joey had many names for their websites. "We have had a number of different versions of "our website" over the years: starting with, then and then most recently as  Always changing as the story seemed to unfold, from Joey working on a music career alone, to us chasing our dreams together and then a few years ago, us putting our careers on hold and me writing a blog.  And now... well, things have changed again.  It's just me, and our little one and older girls.  Playing some music again, writing a book or two, and doing my best to capture life and share it as it happens, all on a few pages. 

Each of the websites and domains we've used over the years have done what we've needed them to do.  But in the big picture, what we've put together has become more than a little confusing... especially if you add in that the Facebook page my blog is connected to is "joeyandrory", the Instagram page is "roryandjoey", and our Youtube channel is "thislifeilive".   And so, in an effort to make a bit more sense of whatever web presence we have, in the coming days and weeks, all of those are going to fall under my name."  

Nevertheless, the launch of the new website under his own name is also a melancholic moment for Rory.  This means the drilling in of the fact that Joey is really gone. "I was at an event in Nashville a few months after Joey passed away and someone brought a guitar up to me and asked me to sign it. It was a simple request, but as I picked up the sharpie and looked down at the guitar, it paralyzed me for a moment... confused and heartbroken by what this meant - that I was no longer going to be signing our names "Joey+Rory" together, like we had always done - but mine alone, or at least in time I would.  With a tear on my cheek, I signed the guitar "with our love, Joey+Rory" just as I alway had."

Rory also promises more new and exciting entries to come on the website. "I've been able to share more music and personal videos, and cooking segments from our tv series and performances from shows we've played through the years.  And that in time, I'll be able to add sections about our farm and the schoolhouse that's opening soon.  And on the new Facebook Group page, Joey's best friend Julie will be able to share more things with people, and interact with them in ways that I never could."      



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