David Jooste On Christian Music in South Africa, His New Music & the Next Generation of Leaders

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Producer, mentor, singer and songwriter David Jooste has just released his brand new single "Total Surrender." Hailed from Cullinan in South Africa, Jooste had studied music since he was 7 years old. He started playing in the Baptist church at age 8. At age 13, David started to go on tour with Julius Magan. They toured all over South Africa. This is where he acquired his first taste of the ministry. 

Over the years, Jooste has worked with some of the top Christian artists in South Africa. With over 75 CD albums under the belt, he is one of the most seasoned and sought after music producers currently in South Africa and from 2017 also in the USA.

Jooste has been involved in musical direction with worship teams both nationally and internationally for the past 15 years. He is also a mentor for vaious sales teams and individuals.

Q:  David, thanks for your time.  Let's start with yourself, tell us about yourself.

A: I'm a Christian artist that grew up in South Africa and had a dream of playing all over the world in a band. I grew up on a farm in the little town of Cullinan-where the worlds biggest diamond was found- and completed my musical qualifications in Pretoria after high school. I had the opportunity to travel the world with many of South Africas greatest worship artists and have seen countries like the UK, Italy, Norway,Greece, France,Sweden and the USA. all of these were as either a musician or as a music director.

God had more in mind for me though, at age 34 he released me to become a solo artist and I launched my career with my first album, Answer to the call in 2013. after that I released Amazing God and received wide spread radio play with that album hitting multiple top 5 charts on major christian stations in South Africa. I;m so humbled and blessed by that since I thought that my music will never go further than my local Church in Midrand-the Bikers church affiliated to CMA- where I was plugged in for almost 21 years.

My heart is for Worship but my style lends itself to a more edgy Rock sound. Being a piano player primarily has influenced me to seek out the synth sounds of the 80s. Luckely for me that sound is returning on commercial radio these days :) I currently stay in the USA and I'm playing every music festival and church that will host me.

Q: How's the Christian/worship music like in South Africa?

A: Because of the Apartheid regime, South Africa was removed from the rest of the world for a long time and we suffered musically not being able to network globally in the past, but in recent years since Mandelas release we have made rapid progress in catching up. We have talented musicians and all have a  longing to write better and more inspirational songs than ever before. 

Q:  You start in music and worship ministry at a very early age, in fact you started touring at age 13! How did this happen? 

A: I joined a local church close to Cullinan where I met Julius Magan. He needed a Piano player to accompany him and I was the only option in the small town of Cullinan at that stage. We toured all over in South Africa as he was becoming more popular until in my 18th year, we did close to 200 performances in that year.

Q:  Over the years, you have been a producer for many artists.  How did you become a producer?  And who have you produced?

A: I studied music in Pretoria and realized that that was a great option of making a career in the industry. Being a piano player it was easy to record with the advances made in Digital Audio Workstations. I worked with some great names in South Africa who have sold many platinum albums, I produced with Helena Hettema, Lucas Maree, Louis Brittz,Julius Magan,Piet Smit,Retief Burger and Juanita Du Plessis to name a few. All in all I produced or co-produced about 80 different cds over the past 20 years.

Q:  Let's talk about your own recordings, how would you describe your style of music?

A: I love the rock edge of the Electric Guitar, then I blend a decent amount of Keyboard synths, combine that with a rich sonic/atmospheric arrangement and throw a heart of worship in the mix and I think I will get close to what you can describe my style of music. 

Q:  You have a new single out. Tell us more about this new song.  Why are you excited this song?

A: This single is due for release Friday 13 July. It has a fast beat and it's called "Alive in You". It is a call to worship and a call for Unity. I do believe when we as worshipers come together as one, God shows up. He promises that He inhabits the praises of His people, and when God shows up, we come alive in Him. I really feel this is a current song for the global church since we stagnate in our walk with God on so many levels. If we are not constantly renewed, we are in fact dying. 

Q:  Are you working on a new album now?  Give us some hints about what the new album will be about and when it will be release.

A:  I am currently recording a series of singles which one will most probably be released every 5/6 months, hopefully at the end of 2019 I want to have the album completed since it take me about 3 years to write and produce 10 songs(which I'm happy with). The trashcan has many songs and ideas that just don't crack it in my books :) 

Q:  You are also a mentor for musicians and worship leaders.  Tell us more about this.

A: I own a Music school in Houston called "Play it Right", we have multiple band academies that I mentor on a weekly basis. My dream is to train musicians and send them back to the churches equipped with musical and musical directing skills.

Q:  Your new song speaks of "Total Surrender."  Can you recall a time when you have totally surrendered yourself to Jesus?

A: I committed my life to Christ at the age of 6 and have never wandered from that decision but since we have moved to the USA I can't remember when there wasn't a day where I would find myself on my knees in Total Surrender to God. Everyday has been a walk of faith in which I trust God for my next day. It's a great place to be, holding onto my creator having surrendered everything to Him.






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