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Three Bridges

Three Bridges is proclaiming that God's word is for all generations and all people with their new album, Our Story. With energetic vocals and poignant reminders of what God can do, Three Bridges brings the power of faith, mercy and grace to the forefront of their music.

Three Bridges' music is rooted in traditional "Southern gospel" and "black gospel" music. This blended style has made Three Bridges an internationally-acclaimed Gospel group - one that is known for tight harmonies, a unique vocal style, an exciting and energy packed stage presence and, most importantly, for spreading the joy of the Good News of Christ.

They have entertained and ministered to millions through their recordings, TV appearances and live shows - which is why Three Bridges has quickly become one of the most prominent Gospel groups in Christian music today. Three Bridges has enjoyed great radio success on the Southern Gospel Music Charts, including seven top 10′s and three #1′s. 

The trio consists of Elliott McCoy (founder and baritone), Shannon Smith (lead) and Jeremie Hudson (tenor). 

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Q:  Thank you so much doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Our Story."  I really like your sound, where you incorporate not only your Southern Gospel roots but also African American Gospel sounds.  How does your sound come about?  Are you fans of various genres of music? 

 A: (Elliott McCoy) I have always been a fan of good R&B music and as a young man I sang rock 'n' roll. After I gave my heart to the Lord and started my Christian walk, I got introduced to Gospel music and fell in love with it. I loved the style of the old group Hovie Lester and the Statement Quartet. They brought black gospel music into their world along with a lot of energy, and they incorporated several different styles of music. This is basically what ThreeBridges has done over the last 18 years. We've "bridged the gap" so to speak, while still singing the Gospel. 

Q:  If I am not wrong, this is your first album with Sonlite Records. Why did you decide to go with the folks at Sonlite?

A: (Elliott McCoy) I organized the group in July 2001 and we were blessed to have a song on our very first album called "Dear Captain". The song is about praying for the President of the United States. We began to record that song in August 2001 and then on September 11, 2001 when the nation was attacked, everyone across the nation started to say, "Let's pray for the President" and we had the song. We signed with Sonlite records, and we were with them for six years. We did four projects with Sonlite. Then we moved to a different label, but I can honestly say we are very excited to be back on the roster with Sonlite Records. We believe they are one of the finest labels in all of Gospel music. So this is our first album this time around and hopefully we will follow up with many more!

Q:  Have you approached the making of this album any differently?

A: (Elliott McCoy) That's a tough question. We believe that we have a very broad audience, from young people to senior citizens, and we approached this album with that in mind. I believe we have songs on the project that will appeal to a younger market, and I definitely know we have songs that will appeal to folks in my generation! 

Q:  What were the type of songs you were looking for when making this record?

A: (Jeremie Hudson) Good songs...Ha! Honestly, we always are looking for songs that have some depth of meaning to them, that are scripturally sound, and yet that we can put our "ThreeBridges spin" on.

(Shannon Smith) We always have an ear out for something a bit unique. Also, it's sometimes difficult to find upbeat songs, but we found several great ones for this project.

Q:  Let's talk about your new single "Good News Never Gets Old."  Why are you excited about this song?

A: (Shannon Smith) Primarily because it's a message that will resonate with everyone who has been changed by the Good News. Even if you've been saved for many years or were raised on the Gospel message, the Good News should be just as fresh today as the first time you heard it! The title is a bit catchy and musically, it's a toe-tapper that all of our audiences start to sing along with by the end of the first chorus.

Q:  What are a couple of the songs on the new album that you are super excited about?  And why?

A: (Elliott McCoy) First, I will go with "My Story" because I just relate to the lyrics. What a powerful message to be able to tell my testimony of His love, His goodness, His mercy, and His grace! "This is my story. This is my song. Praising my Savior all the day long!"

Second, I will mention, "The King Of Love My Shepherd Is." I love the lyrics! The arrangement is outstanding! Our producer, Tre' Corley, outdid himself with the arrangement, the vocal arrangements, and the instrumentation. It is so very uplifting to me! Duane Nicholson of The Couriers said it best, "It is 5 Minutes and 15 seconds of sheer power and solid theology! When we exalt and glorify the Lord, as worship should be, the anointing flows!"

(Jeremie Hudson) I love the message of "God Did It." So much of that song is my personal testimony. Also, "Down The Road To Damascus" has such a true Southern Gospel feel and a great message as well.

(Shannon Smith) It's definitely hard to pick a favorite! I really like everything on this recording. "Live The Gospel" is a real highlight for me because the message is so strong. While it is important for Believers to know how to share the Gospel with our words, it is at least as important that we LIVE THE GOSPEL! 2 Corinthians 3:2 says, "You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men." We are called to "living letters" of the Good News written to all of those we meet! Musically, it's a power ballad and those are probably my favorite kinds of songs to sing.

I'm a big fan of "Count It Victory." I just love the message, "I've seen too any victories to let defeat have the last word!" If we stay strong in faith and patience, God will always bring us through in victory! Musically, our producer helped us find a great groove on this song and I love to sing it and communicate this powerful message.

 Q:  How do you hope this album would impact the lives of your listeners?

 A: (Jeremie Hudson) I would hope that the truths in these songs that make up Our Story will resonate with the listeners in such as way that they will also become their story.

(Shannon Smith) The best thing about what we do is to hear the testimonies of those whose lives have been impacted by our music. It never gets old to hear someone say that a particular song has "set them free" in an area of their life or in their thinking! I pray that these songs find people where they are living and that they encounter Jesus in a new and fresh way every time they listen!

Q:  How has Christ's story changed your story? 

A: (Jeremie Hudson) Without His story, my story would have ended in death long ago! 

(Shannon Smith) He healed me when I was only given a 10% chance to live as a newborn. He has saved me from the self-destruction of a self-centered life. He continues to lavish His abundant grace and right standing with God on me every day. Living in relationship with Jesus is truly abundant living! Because of Jesus, my story is simply a continuation of His story as He works out His purpose in me.






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