Paul Wilbur's Live Worship Album "Roar from Zion" is Now Available for Pre-Order

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On February 12, 2019, veteran worship leader Paul Wilbur returns with his brand new live recording Roar from Zion.  Featuring brand new songs as well as a reprisal of his patented hit "Days of Elijah," this album is recorded live in Jerusalem on September the 25th.  These songs will certainly bring awarness and celebration to what Christ is doing among the Jewish people. 

"This new, live in the Pavillion recording will include the worship and voices of Shae Wilbur, Sarah Liberman, Joshua Aaron, Jamie Hilsden, Becka Shae, and an Israeli choir of millennial Jewish, Arab and Christian believers. Also, there will be several Israeli instrumentalists, and the finest believing Nashville musicians we know. EPIC is the word that continues to come to mind, and everyone in the Land is so excited about the effect this worship will have on the Body of Messiah as well as the nations."

"Our friends at CBN are partnering with us for the video capture and broadcast. We plan to produce DVDs and CDs of the performances, possibly including a night on the TBN balcony overlooking the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives. We are taking a tour group with us as well to help celebrate not only the 70th birthday of the State of Israel as well as highlight the SPIRITUAL REBIRTH of Israel. We believe this experience will impact the nations!" 

Roar from Zion is now available for pre-sale 

Paul Wilbur's dynamic ministry continues to reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Whether it's major conferences in the US, filled stadiums in Latin America or venues across the Middle East, Paul continues to sing a unifying message that exalts the name of Jesus the Messiah. 


1. Video Prologue

2. Roar From Zion

3. Song of Victory

4. Adonai

5. B'Elohim/Forever Amen

6. It Is Good

7. The King Is Coming

8. Endless

9. Your Love Is Far Better/Dance With Me

10. Even So

11. O We Praise The Name

12. You Are Holy

13. Days Of Elijah

14. Gadol Adonai 

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