Sinead O'Conner Converts from Catholicism to Islam

sinead o'conner

Sinead O'Conner, known for her #1 hit "Nothing Compares to You," has announced that she has converted to Islam. She has also changed her name to Shuhada' Davitt. She spells her new name, which means "martyrs" in Arabic, with an apostrophe at the end. 

"This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim," she wrote on Twitter on October 19. "This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian's journey. All scripture study leads to Islam. Which makes all other scriptures redundant."

The singer added: "I will be given (another) new name. It will be Shuhada'."

O'Conner also thanked her "Muslim brothers and sisters", adding: "[You] have been so kind as to welcome me to Ummah today on this page. You can't begin to imagine how much your tenderness means to me." 

O'Conner grew up in the Catholic church.  In the late 1990s, Bishop Michael Cox of the Irish Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church (an Independent Catholic group not in communion with the Catholic Church) ordained O'Connor as a priest. The Roman Catholic Church considers ordination of women to be invalid and asserts that a person attempting the sacrament of ordination upon a woman incurs excommunication. 




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