The Anatomy of a Desperate Heart: The Michael James Band Talks About Their New EP

Michael James Band

Hailing from East Texas, The Michael James Band brings a fresh sound of Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock blended with Modern Worship that speaks straight to the heart. Winner of KLTY's 2010 "Find Your Voice Contest", band founder, Michael James always knew deep down God's will for his life was ministry and for his music to impact the lives of others. The Michael James Band has just released their brand new EP "The Anthem of a Desperate Heart" to critically acclaim.  We are honored to be able to catch up with Michael for this Hallels' exclusive interview:

Hallels:  Thank you so much for your time.  For our readers who may not have heard of your music, how would describe your style of music?

Michael: I would say our music is a unique blend of Christian alternative rock and pop, with very present worship characteristics in the music and in the lyrics. 

Hallels:  Let's talk a little about your journey, how did the band come together?  And how many records have you released so far? 

Michael: we actually have all been playing in and out if bands together. But it wasn't until after I got saved in 2010 and God led me to start this band that I contacted the guys and told them what had happened, and how God had changed my life. After that I entered in a contest on KLTY in Dallas, TX with an original song and won, and then God just started opening doors. 

We have release one demo and 2 EP's. 

Hallels:  With your new EP "The Anthem of a Desperate Heart."  How did you come up with the title?  

Michael: I felt the title really embodied what I was trying to say in all of the songs. That the music we make is an anthem to someone who has come to the realization that they cannot make it on their own. That their life without God is empty and without purpose. 

Hallels:  One of my favorite songs on the EP is "Call Me."  What was the inspiration behind this song? 

Michael: Call Me came about when I was talking with a friend that had gone through some verbal persecution, and as we were talking it just stuck in my head, some of the things that we had talked about. That no matter what the world thinks about you or your relationship with God, it doesn't hold a candle to what God thinks about you. That they can call you whatever they want, all that matters at the end of the day is if your called forgiven, and child of the King. 

Hallels:  Why did you choose to release an EP rather than a full length record?  Can we expect a full length album soon? 

Michael: as and independent band you have to be VERY wise Stuarts of your money, so it made more since to us to put the money into and EP than into a full length album. I'm sure that a full length isn't to far down the road. 

Hallels:  If our readers would like to find out more about you or purchase your EP, where can they go?

Michael: We are ALL over the internet and social media. You can get our music on iTunes/amazon by searching Michael James Band. 
You can contact us here as,,, www.twitter.come/mjbandmusic,

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