5 New Christmas Worship Songs to Sing This Christmas

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Christmas is only 5 weeks away, and if you are a worship leader or if you are just a worshipper looking for Christ-centered worship songs to sing this Christmas, here are our suggestions. 

5. Mallary Hope "Just a Baby (Mary's Song)"

If you want a worship song that captures the vulnerability of the Christ-child and the sovereignty of the Christ-king told from Mary's perspective, and you are tired of "Mary Did You Know," Mallary Hope's "Just a Baby (Mary's Song)" fits the bill.  With the Christmas story re-told with care and situated within redemption history, this power ballad is simply sublime.

4.  David Dunn "Star"

"Star" is a stylistic departure for Dunn.  Relinquishing any trace of EDM, "Star" is a piano-based ballad that is easily one of Dunn's most moving piece.  Letting his imagination run, "Star" is the sequel to the story of "We Three Kings" told with verve, intrigue, and feelings.  

3. River Valley Worship "Adore You"

If you like the piano ballads of River Valley's "Calvary's Shadow," you'll love "Adore Him."  This song doesn't merely describe the Christmas narrative.  Rather, it's directed to God with a chorus so beautiful that you can't help but be lost in worship. 

2.  Darlene Zschech & HopeUC "The Table"

This is a Christmas song with a difference.  Rather than re-telling various aspects of the birth narrative of Jesus, Zschech focuses on how Jesus welcomes us to his table to eat with him this Christmas.  For those of us out there lonely for Christmas, this song is indeed good news.

1. Hillsong Worship "When I Think Upon Christmas"

Darlene's former worship team takes the crown for our favouite with "When I Think Upon Christmas."  Made easy for the congregation to sing with its simple yet gorgeous melodic progression and with words rich with theological reflection about Christ's birth, this is doubly superior.   




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