Keeping the Truth Central: Carolina Boys Talk About Their New Release and How to Be Faithful to God's Word

Carolina Boys

Based in South Carolina, Carolina Boys consist of Stephen Jewell (bass), Joe Trusty (baritone), Chuck Lowe (lead) and Patrick Campbell (tenor).  Ever since their formation, the quartet has shared the stage with Southern Gospel luminaries such as Janet Paschal, the Crist Family, Ivan Parker, Greater Vision, the Florida Boys, the Kingsmen and others. "Watch and Pray" is the much anticipated follow-up to Carolina Boys' 2012 critically acclaimed "Truly Blessed." Instead of navigating into trendy waters, "Watch and Pray" is choked full of their fabulous four part harmonies over tunes that are well informed by the teachings of Scripture.

We are honored to be able to catch yp with Chuck Lowe for this Hallels' exclusive interview:

Hallels: Congratulations on the release of your new album "Watch and Pray."  In what ways are you most excited about this release?

We believe that the "Watch and Pray" album contains some of the best songs we've ever sung.  There are messages of hope, reassurance, forgiveness and joy throughout the album.  We want those that listen to be ministered to, and to worship with us through the songs. Hallels:  Tell us about the making of this record:  what were the most challenging and most enjoyable aspects about the recording of this new disc?  The most challenging part of making an album would have to be song selection.  We strive to find songs that minister to us first.  We want every song to be a ministry tool, and never want to sing just any song.  We firmly believe in the message of every song we sing, and always try to make sure that every lyric lines up theologically.  As always, working with Danny Crawford and the other great musicians and staff at Crossroads Studios are enjoyable parts of the recording process.

Hallels:  On the new record, I noticed that there are a few songs where you do address the second coming of Jesus.  Why do you think it's important to sing about this issue?

A quick glance at the headlines or the TV news, for the alert Christian, reveals that our world is becoming worse every day.  Evil abounds, and Christians are being mocked and ridiculed all over the world.  Jesus told us this would happen in the last days, in the book of Revelation.  We as Christians need to be reminded of the reality of Jesus' return, and we also need to be sounding the warning to those who aren't prepared to meet Him.  

Hallels:  On one of your new songs on the record "That's How I Got Saved" you sang about the power of "old fashioned singing and old fashioned preaching."  How would you define good old fashioned singing?

The 4 of us grew up singing out of the hymnal.  The great hymns of the faith, songs grounded in Scripture, became part of us.  People used to sing in church more than they do today.  Those "old fashioned" songs were embedded deep within us, we were familiar with them, and we could remember the tunes.  We believe the old fashioned singing "plowed the field" so that the seed could be planted by old fashioned preaching.  And that old fashioned preaching came straight from God's Holy Word.  It convicted and led to repentance.  Unfortunately, there's not much old fashioned singing or preaching in our churches today.

Hallels:  How then to keep the balance between faithful preaching/singing and still address the needs of today?

Regardless of what the world and/or the media in our "politically correct" society say, God's word hasn't changed.  Sin is still sin, no matter how you try to gloss it over.  Faithful preaching/singing means holding up God's standards for our conduct in our lives.  Those who only deliver "feel good" messages, without a call to repentance, aren't fully presenting the Gospel.  The Gospel, the good news, of Jesus Christ is that He still saves from sin.  It's as relevant as it's ever been.  As long as we're given the opportunity, we're going to sing about the cross where Jesus died, the blood that cleanses from all unrighteousness, and the hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ! 

Hallels:  If our readers would like to purchase "Watch and Pray" or find out more about you, where can they go?

Please visit our website,  Our CD's are available for sale, and you can learn more about the 4 of us.  We're also on Facebook, which helps us to provide updates and personally interact with our friends.

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