JJ Heller Creates Music as Medicine for Parent and Child Alike in "I Dream Of You (Vol. II)" Available Now

JJ Heller

JJ Heller's latest, I Dream Of You (Vol. II) is available now. Appealing to parent and child alike, the stirring 15-song collection of timeless covers and lullabies is comprised of songs from the 50's through today including favorites like"Here Comes the Sun," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Edelweiss" and more, along with three brand-new originals. Birthed out of Heller's own desire as a mother of two came I Dream Of You (Vol. II), medicinal music that crosses generational boundaries, with messages of truth, hope and love woven throughout each track.

"As a mom, I know how important it is to find moments of peace throughout the day," said Heller. "My hope is that this album can be a calming gift to children and parents alike!"

Pop singer Christina Perri, set to release her own lullabies record this Jan., shared her enthusiasm for Heller's project on Instagram, sharing "I stumbled upon [JJ's] lullaby album and I love it so much! So many favorites on there! Beautiful work." Additionally, fans have shown an outpouring of response, taking to social media to share how Heller's latest record has encouraged them.

"It is so soothing and so many of the songs bring back sweet memories." 
- @smithfamilyva

"[JJ's] new lullaby album has been one of the only sure ways to get our 3-month old to sleep, which has been an IMMEASURABLE blessing! My husband and I sure don't mind streaming it while we drift off too!'"- @wecanallbebright71.

"[I Dream of You (Vol. II)] has been a source of comfort as my family and I are evacuated due to the Camp Fire in Butte County California." - @ashleywarner105"

Our family loves this album! It calms both of the kids down and is part of bedtime routine!" - @mebriscoe3

"Your version, of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' carried me to the precious place in my past where the song brought such joy and peace. [JJ] sang that song as a mother. I heard my mother in her voice. Suddenly I was safe and peaceful again after all these years." - Anne, Manteca, CA

"Your music is such an encouragement and a blessing to me as a Mom!This new album is no exception. So beautifully done." - @catherineguz

"My son was born premature. Nights can feel so bleak - but everything will be brighter in the morning. We are still at the NICU and play your album several times a day. What a great gift it has been to us." - @j_bell_14 

On the heels her latest album, Heller has announced she will be releasing a brand-new song on the first Friday of each month in 2019, kicking off the new year with the unveiling of her latest single,"Big Love, Small Moments." The song has already been added to 19 Spotify playlists, garnering over 50,000 streams since its release last Friday. To listen to "Big Love, Small Moments" click HERE. "'Big Love, Small Moments' is about embracing the beauty in every moment, big or small. I love love this song and I hope you will too," said Heller. To listen to I Dream of You (Vol. II) click HERE.

About JJ Heller: 
For over 15 years, Nashville-based independent singer/songwriter JJ Heller has traveled the country sharing music full-time with her husband, Dave Heller, who also co-writes, plays guitar, and provides witty banter from the stage. Her songs have been featured on national television, international advertising campaigns, and radio stations across the world.

On Nov. 02, Heller released her tenth full-length studio album, I Dream of You (Volume II), a 15-track compilation including 12 of Heller's favorite cover songs from the 1950's through today alongside three brand-new originals.When she released her first I Dream of You album in 2014, now one of her most-streamed albums, Heller had no idea how significantly it would shape her career. At the time, the mother of two small girls desired to create soothing love songs with a simple message of devotion from a parent to a child. After listeners began sharing stories of how the songs played an integral role in their family's bedtime routines, car rides, or hospital visits, Heller began donating the album to hospitals, adoption agencies, and families of young children. The album has since been donated to over 100,000 families.

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