Apple iWatch vs Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch Release Date, Price Specs, Features

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Apple iWatch vs Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch Release Date, Price Specs, Features

Apple's "iWatch" smartphone is heating up as Fall 2014 approaches, along with it's competition, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G smartwatch. Apple is planning to sell 50 million iWatch smartphones in the first year of production. Production is set to start in July on the iWatch, while the Samsung Gear Live and LG G watches are set to released in July. 

The iWatch is rumored to have up to 10 sensors that will take the users health measurements and other data. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Apple is also planning multiple screen sizes for the new smartwatch.

Release Date: The Samsung Gear Live and LG G watch are both set for a release of July 2014 and are currently available for pre-order. The Apple iWatch is set to release this Fall. 

Price: The Gear Live is $199 and the LG G is $229. No official price point has been set yet for the iWatch. 

Operating System: Both the Gear Live and LG G will run on Android 4.3+ and the iPhone ofcourse will run on iOS 8. 

Sensors: Apple announced upcoming version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, will include tools for managing health data. The software will come with the new iPhones but also heightened speculation that it could be for the iWatch as well. The iWatch is said to have sensors for heart rate and burned calories. It can count steps and help check sleeping patterns. The Gear Live will include a heart rate sensor as well and the LG G will not. 

Screen Size: The Apple iWatch may come in two sizes between 1.3 and 1.5 inch displays, while some have said 2.5 inches when in diagonal position. The Samsung Gear Live has 1.63 inch display and the LG G will have a 1.65 inch display. 

Display: The iWatch display is likely to be a sapphire-covered AMOLED, making it a good fit to the wrist. The Gear Live will have a Super Amoled display and the LG G watch will have  IPS LCD display. 

Camera: Neither the Gear Live or the LG G will have a camera. It is unofficial if the iWatch will support a camera, though it would not be a surprise if they did. 

Battery: The iWatch battery is estimated to be between 200 to 250mAh cell and might also support wireless charging. The Gear Live will have a 300mAh battery and LG G will have a 400 mAh battery. 

Apple has filed for a weightlifting sensor patent and have posted job openings looking for specialists for energy expenditure and cardiovascular fitness. An analyst from Barclays suggested a UV sensor may also be included as well.

Rumors say the Apple iWatch release date is due in 2014's third quarter and Apple is reported to be hiring about 100 people, including designers, engineers, health and fashion experts, to work on the iWatch. Apple CEO Tim Cook, did say the company will enter into new categories this year, which many think this means the release of a new smartwatch, the iWatch.



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