Mack Brock “Covered” EP Review

mack brock

Prime Cuts: Still in Control, Covered, Kingdom Come 

Overall Grade: 4/5

Mack Brock is the fount of fecundity.  Over the years, during his tenure with Elevation Worship, he has had crafted some of the most ubiquitous anthems of modern worship, including "Do It Again," "O Come to the Altar," and "Resurrecting."  Then last year, after leaving Elevation Worship, we were greeted with Brock's own solo album "Greater Things."  Less than a year later, Brock has surprised us with a 5-song EP "Covered."  If you have fallen in love with Brock's brand of soft rock anthem-building balladry with a touch of avant garde 90s pop, you will love these 5 songs.  They are everything we have grown to love about Brock:  heartfelt Christ-centered songs sung in his inimitable signature style. 

Let's start with the best of this pentad of songs. "Still in Control" is a crescendo-building ballad that speaks of how our souls can be at rest because no event escapes the sovereignty of our God.  The pounding of the drums, the escalating tenor of Brock's vocals, and the progressive outburst of passion, make this a faith-building soundtrack for all of God's children.  The title cut "Covered" is another "Do It Again" in the making.  This song not only has a congregational sing ability quality, but the way Brock and harmony vocalist London Gatch usher in God's presence is awe-inspiring. With its relentless guitars and plucking piano, "King of Heaven" has a delightful 90s-sounding Hillsong pop feel, a song we could see the former Hillsong matriarch Darlene Zschech dancing and worshipping along with.  

One should also be honest to say that not all the songs here pass with flying colors. "I Am Loved" falls into the Millennium egoism.  As with many songs released on this side of the Millennium, "I Am Loved" is lyrically too individualistic and sonically not congregational enough.  Likewise, the synth-driven "After Me" is a tad on the nondescript side.  Despite not being a perfect record, there are enough tracks that needs to be pursued, sung, talked about, and be covered by worship teams across churches all over the world.   



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