Lou Fellingham “Made for You” Album Review

Lou Fellingham

Prime Cuts: The Wonder of the Cross, Miracle or Not, Bring it All to Jesus 

Overall Grade: 4/5

Not many worship songwriters can take the theological fabric of hymns and dress them in contemporary garb in ways that minister both to the head and heart. In this regard, UK Worship leader Lou Fellingham is without peer.  In the past, Bellingham has accomplished this with church favourites such as "Everlasting Arms," "To God be the Glory" and "I Will Say."  This time around, this new album is choke full of tunes thatl not only will enrich the church's worship vocabulary, but they are bound to move hearts to surrender with abandonment.  "Made for You" is the much anticipated followup to Fellingham's 2017's "This Changes Everything."  Featuring 11 new songs coming from the pen of Fellingham with fellow artists such as Alisa Turner, Chris and Abbey Eaton and Michael Farren, Noel Robinson, Krissy Nordhoff and Junior Garr, as well as Lou's sister Emma Pears and husband Nathan Fellingham.

Situated in the UK, Fellingham is an internationally known worship leader, with six albums under her belt.  She is known for her prophetic edge, distinctive voice, unwavering energy to see lives changed through the power of music and word. "Made for You" is Fellingham's second live album recorded at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham.  Opening with an churchy-sounding organ before a cascading explosion of electric guitars, "Faithful" is a contemporary-sounding hymn that is the perfect opener to a worship set.  Giving us a primer to what God can do, the punchy "Our God is for Us" sizzles with excitement and possibilities.  

The album's highlight resides in the three ballads. Positioned to be a future good Friday classic, "The Wonder of the Cross" is a succinct theological apology of what the Cross accomplishes from satisfying God's wrath to how it vanquishes our disappointments.  If there's a song that captures the essence of soteriology without putting us off into slumber land, this is it.  "Bring it All to Jesus" is not as encompassing, but it's message of how we need to surrender to the Cross of Jesus is convicting.  "Miracle or Not," a track Fellingham co-wrote with Alisa Turner, is a heart rendering ballad about loving Jesus with no string attached. 

The rest of the album are pop-centric mid-tempo offerings with the missional "I Will Go" and the glory-filled "Worthy is the Saviour" being noteworthy.  Nevertheless, one would wish Fellingham would deviate more from her formula and venture into more adventurous trails.  These songs here are not bad but they need a tad more distinction.  Other than such quibble, "Made for You" is tailored for those who want Godly expositions that stir the minds and heart-tuggers that move souls to worship.  



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