Darlene Zschech’s “Shout to the Lord” Voted as One of the Most Influential Songs of Christian Music

Darlene Zschech

In celebration of CCM Magazine's 35 years in publication, they have compiled their list of the 10 Most Influential Songs in Christian Music.  Darlene Zschech's "Shout to the Lord" was selected as one of the finalist on this prestigious list alongside incredible songs like such as Awesome God (Rich Mullins), Jesus Freak (dc talk), Friends (Michael W Smith), I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe), El Shaddai (Amy Grant), Flood (Jars of Clay), Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman), Revelation Song (Jennie Lee Riddle), and 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman). These are the songs that have resonated and touched the hearts and souls of Christians across the globe.

"Shout To The Lord" has been heralded by the magazine as 'The song that practically launched the entire praise & worship movement. It is sung by an estimated 25-30 million churchgoers every week and has been covered by at least 20 other artists and has been performed for the President of the United States and the Pope at the Vatican. "Shout To The Lord" has become the standard by which all other worship songs are judged."

However, "Shout to the Lord" has had a much humbler beginning. It came about when a relatively unknown Darlene Zschech and her husband Mark were having a very difficult time in their lives.  Not knowing how to resolve the challenges they were facing, Zschech opened up the book of Psalms, sat at their out of tune piano and she began singing and singing until her heart was lifted.  Over the next few days, the song stayed with her.  It then dawned on her that the song could be a worship song.

With trepidation, she finally gained enough courage to approach her worship pastor Geoff Bullock.  We'll let Darlene continue the story in her own words: "I was terribly shy and felt a little embarrassed when I mentioned to Geoff Bullock, the Music Pastor, and Russell Fragar that I thought I had written a song. My hands were sweaty. I could hardly play it, I was so nervous. I kept starting and stopping. It took me twenty minutes to play it because I kept apologizing, "I'm sorry. Change anything you want. I know it's probably stupid." Eventually I made them stand with their backs to me while I played them the song. Even when they turned around and said that it was magnificent, I thought they were just being polite."

We introduced "Shout to the Lord" into our worship services and it began to spread from church to church. Before we had even recorded it, I began receiving thank-you letters from people all over the world who had sung the song in their churches.

I'm still amazed that when my pastor, Brian Houston, heard the song for the first time, he predicted it would be sung around the world. But when I remember that God is the One who gave the song, then I think perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised. Truly, the song's greatness comes from Him as all true praise does."

"Shout to the Lord" became the signature song that launched Hillsong Live into International stardom.  And over the years it has also been re-recorded by Don Moen, Rich Mullins, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Lincoln Brewster, John Tesh, Sandi Patty, Kathy Troccoli, and Guy Penrod.  On 9 April 2008, "Shout to the Lord" became the closing song on Idol Gives Back, sung by the remaining eight contestants of American Idol and a gospel choir.


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