Check Out the Lyrics & Video of River Valley Worship's "Future"

River Valley Worship

River Valley Worship has just released their new single "Future." Check out their lyric video and lyrics below. 

River Valley Worship is a collection of artists, musicians and songwriters who are an extension of the vibrant creative culture within River ValleyChurch. With campuses spread across the greater Minneapolis area of Minnesota as well as an international campus in Swaziland, Africa, River Valley is truly making a global impact. 

There in the days when your heart
Feels like it's caving in
So there the peace begins

Sure as the dawn calls the sun
Jesus we hear your love
Call out the light in us

Life like you meant it
I can't contain it
Hope in the here and now
What a wide horizon
In the rush of heaven
Life like you made it
I wanna live it
Wilder than all my dreams
Such a great adventure
Welcome to the future

There will be days when you find
You can't believe your eyes
Faith brings your world to life

Breathe in the air it's a gift
Cmon just let it in!
Your best days are still ahead!

I know who holds
I know who holds tomorrow

Written by Ryan Williams, Evan John, KK Brink, and Michael Fatkin



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