The Lore Family “Hidden Blessings” Album Review

lore family

Prime Cuts: In His Presence, You Can Trust Him with Your Pain, Hidden Blessings

Overall Grade: 4/5

"Hidden Blessings" is an album of a few firsts for the Lore Family.  After many years as in independent family act, "Hidden Family" is the team's first album for Horizon Records.  This new project is also the first time they have roped in Wayne Haun as producer.  Haun is not only the most awarded artist by GMA Dove Awards,  he's also arguably the mainstay helmsmen of Gospel music. Over the years, Haun's name has appeared on albums by Celine Dion, the Nelons, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Gordon Mote, the Perrys and many others.  "Hidden Blessings" is also the Lore family's first to be benefited with a more professional sheen and impeccable instrumentations thanks again to Haun. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the canon of songs here are far more interesting canvassing more rhythms, styles and tempos yet still united in its exaltation of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Fans who like the stacked up harmonies of the Lore Family will love "Didn't He Promise."  Here the entire family join their voices to assure us of the certainty of God's faithfulness in keeping his promises.  Then the brassy horns take central stage with  the funky "That Same Power;" while the piano doodling of "In His Presence" is mesmerising.  The latter belongs to a trio of class A ballads.  The second being the title track "Hidden Blessings."  A song that is autobiographical of every believer: the song sets to music Romans 8:28 of how God works behind the scenes to work things for his glory and for our good.  The third in this tryst is the pastoral and heart-warming "You Can Trust God with Your Pain."

While many songs on heaven tend to be dull and maudlin, Rachel McCutcheon's "Ready to Know" makes heaven engaging, contemporary and compelling. "The Blood Flows from Calvary Still" and "His Cross is Now Empty,"  on the other hand, thrive on too many Christian cliches that need to be unpacked in order to sting and sing.  Nevertheless, the latter is partly redeemed by the family's majestic soaring making them sound like a miniature Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  Not to be missed are the jaunty "A Good Feeling" --- a delightful foot-stomping fun piece about the difference Jesus makes in our lives.  More tedious sounding is "Keep Praying."

"Hidden Blessings" doesn't deserved to be hidden.  Rather, this is a record that needs to be heard. Haun's Midas touch has certainly brought a ring of richness and depth to these songs that make many of these songs irresistible to the ears and to the heart.  This is not to steal the thunder from the Lore Family who have delivered what is their best album in their lengthy career. 



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