Jamie Grace Hopes New TV Show Will Inspire Christians to Adopt Children

Jamie Grace

Singer and actress Jamie Grace hopes her new Pureflix series titled The Beverlys will encourage others to foster and to adopt children. The series follows the story of three orphaned girls who dream of starting a music career. Grace stars as a mentor to these girls. They live in the Hollywood mansion of a failed record executive, while Jamie's character serves as a mentor and wrangler of sorts as hijinks ensue in this family comedy. 

The Beverlys is in a limited run at one season but could continue. Episodes focus on such topics as embracing your unique and creative self, kindness, and humility, with a special emphasis on adopted and foster care children. 

"One of the most startling concepts I've ever heard and processed is this: If every church in America would commit to one child in the foster care system, there would be no more waiting children," she said in an interview with Christian Post.

Adoption has always been close to Jamie's heart. While her parents served as pastors in a small town in Georgia, they often welcomed kids into their home, acting as foster parents as situations arose within local families. Jamie says fostering isn't easy, as different personalities take time to blend together. But, the end goal makes it worth it. 

In the meantime, her parents also fostered and became temporary guardians to three young children. Grace joined with her parents to love those children and faced questions similar to those asked in "The Beverlys."

"Much like 'The Beverlys,' there were questions like 'how long?' and 'what does this mean for our dynamic?'" she said. "But at the end of the day, we did it for love. And that made every moment worth it!"

The Pureflix TV show will feature three orphaned girls-newcomers Mia Damico, Brie Duplechain and Raya Sunshine Mullan-who live with their foster parent, a failed record executive. Grace stars as their mentor and encourages them to chase their dream to start a girls' music group. The show sheds light on common coming-of-age struggles, such as fear, insecurities and self-worth.

"Realistically, everyone can't foster or adopt a child," she said. "But everyone can find a way to be involved with serving a local family who is growing or changing through foster care or adoption. For the big moments that feel world-changing and even for the day to day or seemingly insignificant duties, we can all play a role and every part matters!"




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