The Christian Music Community Surrounds Kalley Heiligentha in Prayer as Daughter Stops Breathing

Olive Alayne Heiligenthal

The Christian music community surrounds acclaimed Bethel Music worship collective singer/songwriter Kalley Heiligenthal and her husband Andrew in prayer.  Kalley has revealed that her baby daughter has stopped breathing.  The doctors have pronounced her dead.  At this time, no cause or reason has been given to why Olive Alayne Heiligenthal has stopped breathing.

Here are some of the responses and prayers from various Christian artists and worship leaders:

Bethel Music:

Please join us in bold prayer for Olive and for strength for their entire family. We're with you @kalleyheili and @apheiligenthal

Brian Johnson:

Declaring ressurection life @kalleyheili 

Kari Jobe:

Please PRAY. Praying for sweet little Olive to breathe in the breath of God and rise up. She was pronounced dead yesterday but we are calling for everyone to be full of faith and pray for the resurrection power of Jesus over her body. Her little life is not done. Mark 5 :41-42
Jesus said to her, "talitha koum" meaning: "little girl, I say to you, Get up". Immediately the girl stood up and began to walk around. We believe in the resurrection power of Jesus.

COME ON....let's intercede for a MIRACLE. 

Brooke Ligertwood (Hillsong Worship):

We are standing with and contending for the Heiligenthals and lifting them up to Christ, who is merciful. 

Rita Springer:

In a dark moment, years ago, I asked God why he was a midnight God. Why did he come at what seemed like the darkest hour and not arrive right away on the scene of our situations, before trauma could reach us? His response was profound and simple. "Midnight is the first hour of a new day. So, I arrive at the first hour of a new day before even the sun rises, I am on the scene." If we are in a dark room the light of one candle can find our way. If you watch the crack of sun come up over the hills it's surreal how it fills the dark sky with its expanse of light. This morning I waited for light like breath. ⁣

There are some days that are filled with unspeakable pain and words fail even to form them. The silence at midnight can seem deafening until we realize that what we may feel is the last hour or the darkest moment is God starting a new beginning to a new day. ⁣

As I boarded an unexpected flight today before light emerged, I waited as we climbed 35 thousand feet to be reminded that God is a God of resurrecting light coming up over the horizon. He is the first hour God. He is a God of open tombs and thin veils. He is heaven and earth attentive. ⁣

Right now he is listening to thousands of voices asking for mercy for tiny Olive and her family. He is a God with no chasm with his love for us. He is a God right in the middle of it. Oh great God of midnight..... please turn the lights on. #awaken 

Sean Feucht:

We are with you, for you, behind you, believing and praying!!!! DO THE IMPOSSIBLE GOD!  

Laura Hackett Park:

Praying and believing she will be raised in Jesus name with you!!!! Lord Olive is before you now in wave after wave of your love. Let her live her full days here on earth. Let her life and testimony be a sign and a wonder for the glory of your name Jesus Christ!! Let hundreds of thousands come to know and believe in Christ through her life and testimony. Let no weapon formed against her prosper! You hold the keys to life death and the grave! Call Olive back to life !!! 

Jeremy Riddle:

Please join us in contending for resurrection life for this precious baby girl, Olive Alayne Heiligenthal.   

Kalley Heiligenthal is a worship leader and songwriter at Bethel Church and with Bethel Music. She also serves as 2nd Year Worship Pastor for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Originally from Minnesota, Kalley grew up heavily involved in choir and began leading worship in college through a student-led worship ministry.

Kalley is known for her hit song "Ever Be," featured on Bethel Music's album We Will Not Be Shaken (2015). The was nominated for a 2017 Dove Award for "Worship Song of the Year." Released in October 2019, Faultlines I & II marks Kalley's first solo album, a dynamic and cinematic two-part collection that gives language to the unexpected moments in life and brings us back to Immanuel-God with us in the midst of the rubble. The album features her latest single "Alabaster Heart," a song written after her encounter with the 6th largest California wildfire. Kalley's song "Every Crown" is featured on Bethel Music's latest compilation album VICTORY released January 2019. She is also a part of Bethel Music's first Spanish album Bethel Music En Español singing "Por Siempre" and "Sopla Espíritu." Kalley was also a part of the album Starlight (2017) and her song "Spirit Move" is featured on Bethel Music's Have it All (2016). 

Kalley carries a call to declare the holiness, faithfulness and freedom of Jesus with contagious passion. She continues to minister in the US, in South America and internationally with Bethel Music. She and her husband, Andrew, live in Redding, California and are enjoying the adventure of parenthood as they raise their delightful daughters Elsie and Olive.



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