Off-Broadway Play "The Gospel of John" Brings to Life the Story of Jesus

The Gospel of John

This Christmas, experience the Gospel as never before! The Gospel of John is now a new off-Broadway play.  The Gospel of John, conceived and performed by award-winning Broadway veteran Ken Jennings (Sweeney Todd, Grand Hotel, Side Show) and directed by John Pietrowski.

Jennings brings the Gospel powerfully to life in a thrilling 90-minute solo performance."I memorized this first as a prayer, not as a play," said Ken.

"Memorizing The Gospel of John was a spiritual practice during a difficult time in my life. I've always had an affinity for John, which seems to be a truly firsthand narrative by a man who was actually there."

St. John's Gospel is breathtakingly poetic, containing soaring theology, yet it is filled from start to finish with eyewitness details that came from John's life with Jesus. This written testimony from John's personal experience has been proclaimed all over the world for millennia. Ken will tell it to audiences as if for the first time, as it was originally told by the Beloved Disciple - so that they too may have a personal encounter with Jesus during this Advent-Christmas season.

The New York Times said in its review: "Plays can bring spiritual solace. On the unadorned stage, two flights below Bleecker Street, the actor Ken Jennings had only a single prop: a compact Bible. When theater is a religious experience, faith has a powerful role."  

The off-Broadway production runs through Dec. 29 at The Sheen Center New York City, New York. Tickets are available online at 



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